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  1. Love the pick. And props to the person who posted the tweet considering Scot; won't lie, that made me happy to see.
  2. The White Walker contacts for Seth, I can't even.... PLEASE be the Demon here ....BOOO, no body paint I actually want Miz to pull this out somehow despite it all. He's been so freaking good all year long.
  3. This season has largely removed two narratives I remember seeing routinely last year... No, The O-Line didn't just look good last year because Cousin gets the ball out so fast. The O-Line, when healthy, is very good and it shows by how under assault Cousin's has been game in, game out during this stretch. No, The Wide Receivers and weapons we had last year were not the reason Cousin put up such good numbers. With a much more diminished cast via free agents leaving and injuries, Cousin's has still managed to put up very good numbers throughout this year. Did
  4. Hat's off to Zaza for getting under Leonard's feet, play of the game.....[/s]
  5. His basic argument for Kyrie is literally "The finals last year". For Lilard, he just swears people underrate/ignore him because he's out in the pacific northwest and no one see's the blazer's play. I"m sitting here thinking "yeah, because Washington got a TON of national games..." Lilard and Kyrie are better scorers than Wall. Wall is a better defender and passer than either of those guys, and is close enough with them as a scorer now. Lowery is similar in that he's an all around type of guy, but I think Wall's better or equal in most categories.
  6. I so want this win on Monday, if for no other reason than to cement Wall a bit in the minds of national doubters. I was arguing with my brother-in-law about him yesterday actually. He still is trying to say he's CLEARLY behind Lilard, Irving, Lowry, and potentially Thomas. Says he's more on the "kemba walker" level. I just can't fathom the logic there. I mean, if you want to say it's arguable he's anywhere from 1 to 4 between the lilard, irving, lowry, wall grouping I can at least comprehend some of the arguments there; but to suggest he's CLEARLY behind them all and more like Kemba? Just...ug
  7. The moment that hit the backboard my heart sank, my head screaming "it's going be a bank that kills us"
  8. If he's suspended for a shove then that's absolutely ridiculous on the part of the league. Because that's what it was, a shove. Just because Kelly flopped like a **** and acted like he got shot by a shotgun doesn't change the fact it was a shove/body check, not a punch.
  9. As long as Oubre's gone for ONLY this game....I almost don't mind. They've been doing some cheap **** all series; fake tough guys. But then he went running scared like a **** right there and flopped like one too. Dirty screen with a shiver to the face, after they keep "accidentally" smashing our players in the head last game. If it's multiple games, that's a problem. But you know what, it's not smart...but I don't hate it.
  10. The female announcer absolutely loves Wall; and I love it. I want him to get as much run as he can while we're on prime time nationally. People need to know this guy is phenomenal.
  11. I like how wall keeps looking at Jennings like "Give me the damn ball to take up court" Go porter go!
  12. When we didn't sink either of our two opportunities in regulation it was basically over. We just didn't have the energy. Hopefully Thursday the guys get a spark from playing in front of the home crowd and that can lift them to a win. Then we finally have a 2 day break in between games for them to recover a bit. All you have to do is win the two games at home and this is still a series. Given how close we've played them the past two games, that's absolutely possible.
  13. Did someone let the caps into the arena? That would explain the OT juju.
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