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  1. TheCoach22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    There's not much evidence to suggest Snyder is involved in football decisions these days compared to the Vinny Clown Car Era. (And, I think GMSM would have spilled it if that was still the case) But, he's been fooled into thinking Bruce is more capable than he is. And Bruce knows how to get Danny's rocks off just enough that he keeps his job and title. I also think the timeline for Vinny and BA in the OP is a little misleading. Vinny was on the heals of a good 1999 team and mucked it up. Allen came in, could have been the best GM in the league and would have needed a couple of seasons post Zorn. But, yes, Bruce needs a talent guy who he listens to... and I'm not sure it exist in the current structure. Williams deserves the chance to lead one or two draft war rooms without the board GMSM left behind. I'll also say that resigning Brown and figuring out Kirk's contract could go a long way in showing some semblance of being a legit front office.
  2. TheCoach22

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    So... Eagles beat the Army Ants on a 61-yard FG with a guy who was on the streets when the season started... we have to pray we don't hit a goal post and hold our breathe on a 40-yard we no matter who our K is. Not sure who I was rooting for today... but I love when Mara loses, so I'm happy with how much that must have stung after such a nice comeback.
  3. TheCoach22

    Random Thought Thread

    Yeah.... should have been Stadium edition. LOL.
  4. TheCoach22

    Random Thought Thread

    Here's a "thot..." We Skins' fans have to hold our breathe on a 40 yard FG... no matter who the kicker is... Eagles get a dude off the street and he just hit a 61-yard FG to send the Giants to 0-3 as time expires. Jesus.
  5. TheCoach22

    The Conspiracy Thread

    This one enraged me... Broke my direct tv remote in disgust.
  6. TheCoach22

    The House that Bruce Built

    Keim'a wake-up call this AM included Chris Russell's piece on Allen's five years: Not shocking, most of the positives he highlights are not things that spill out onto the field but organizational PR things and facility upgrades that any fan who follows the team could have told you was needed. Dan does hear us, keep shouting "real GM" and it will happen. Even AJ Smith would be a step in the right direction, although he is an a--hole. We have to make right decisions on the coaching staff, QB position, and rebuilding the line and defensive backfield. Smith is the type of guy who can lead this kind of work. Ideally, he gets to add staffing to his department and a five year anniversary piece on AJ's run as GM includes some positives on the field while Bruce can keep working on the fan experience, reconnecting with the old Hogs, the Harvest Fest and facility upgrades.
  7. TheCoach22

    The House that Bruce Built

    There aren't better options in FA than working with the QBs on the roster. If Bradford becomes available you could go after him, but unless you build a line he would be hurt by week 2... I would rather build a line for Robert in year 4 of his rookie deal, but that is just me. Both the skins and Robert need that fourth year, why not try it given what was invested?
  8. TheCoach22

    The House that Bruce Built

    Well, he and Jon Gruden were let go after a nine win season and a younger roster than what Bruce inherited. I'm just saying, this FO will not be calling Mark Carrier or Adam Archuletta to play safety. The mid-20s target is a BA approach. He is also good with the cap typically,
  9. TheCoach22

    The House that Bruce Built

    The Bucs did have three winning seasons and a division title in Allen's five seasons as GM... At a time when TB ownership Are you going to Costco tomorrow?was being "thrifty." I wish people would stop acting like he doesn't have some pedigree as a "true" GM.
  10. TheCoach22

    The House that Bruce Built

    What great candidate did you want them to vett that they ignored? Gruden was next OC in this league to get a gig and a lot of teams were interested in him. When making important decisions people fallback on who and what they are most comfortable with. It is how the world works. It doesn't mean They did not make the best hire. Fit and chemistry are important when crafting a roster, they are equally important when building a staff.