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  1. CaliSkinsFan92

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Aye bro, thanks.
  2. Pierre Garçon ‏@PierreGarcon Hey captains @TrentW71 @RGIII @LFletcher59 what color jersey are we wearing? I have to get my accessories ready lol Robert Griffin III ‏@RGIII @PierreGarcon @TrentW71 @LFletcher59 Ha ha what you wanna wear man Pierre Garçon ‏@PierreGarcon ALL WHITE @Redskins “@RGIII: @PierreGarcon @TrentW71 @LFletcher59 Ha ha what you wanna wear man” Trent Williams ‏@TrentW71 @PierreGarcon @Redskins @RGIII @LFletcher59 All White sounds good to me Pierre Garçon ‏@PierreGarcon Lets do it “@TrentW71: @PierreGarcon @Redskins @RGIII @LFletcher59 All White sounds good to me”
  3. yea that one is a bit better, and more league friendly lol
  4. here are the Jags and Dolphins Uni's to who may be interested Robert Griffin III ‏@RGIII I think me & my brothers want some new concept uniforms “@HatedBySociety: @RGIII do u prefer the old school or new redskins jerseys?” also RG3 talking about wanting new uniforms he has spoken.. and it shall be done lol
  5. Is there any news on an updated uniform for us in the future? Sounds as if the Dolphins, Jags, and Vikings are all getting updates to their uni's. I think it would be nice to have a cool Alt while keeping what we have.
  6. CaliSkinsFan92

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    YEP Bucs lose now i'm a big Saints and Cards fan for a few hours.