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  1. Stafford is the only reason Detroit was t winless for the past couple years. He’s criminally underrated
  2. I love the kid. But I don’t think he set the world on fire. I’ still wouldn’t pass on a Stafford or Watson given the chance. But this kid def deserves a shot
  3. Worst case scenario we get our asses kicked and have to go find a qb in the draft or FA. best case scenario this kid pulls off some Kurt Warner type **** and we make a run
  4. Alex looked like he couldn’t even step into the pocket well. It was bad. I’m glad we won... EXTREMELY glad. But I can’t see Alex playing again. He was trying so hard to hide that limp.
  5. Chase is the first player I remember on this team since Sean, that whether he got the tackle,sack, pick, or not, he always looks like he’s disrupting the play. There were a couple games where he has no sacks but almost every single play I would look to my wife and go “holy cow did you see what he just did?” I am so glad we got him. My 7 year old son got his jersey for Christmas and it reminds me of when my nephew started watching football and witnessed Sean play. My son is always so intrigued with chase and where he’s at and what he did on any play. Another big positive is the guy looks like a
  6. Stafford is 32 we could get 6-7 years out of him and he’s incredible
  7. NFL.com just posted this as well. He is leading all NFC de in fan votes. Pretty cool
  8. Go watch some Stafford games. Tell me if that team had even a slightly competent defense or running game over the past few years that they would not be a consistent 10+ win team. Stafford is miles better then smith. Even the Detroit fans know how much he’s carried them over the years
  9. Idk he actually isn’t that interception prone, and after the first couple years where he definitely was injury prone, he hadn’t missed that much time since. I thought he was much older, I’m still shocked he’s 32
  10. I’d easily trade a mid 1st round pick for Stafford in a heart beat, now knowing he’s 32. go check out his stats. He’s thrown for over 5k yards in a season, 40+ tds and 4k yards multiple times. He’s a top 10 qb on a franchise that never ever gave him anything to work with except megatron
  11. Rivers is 39 stafford is 36, I believe.**hes actually only 32? What the hell?*** and stafford (in my opinion) is head and shoulders above rivers.
  12. I can’t believe more people aren’t entertaining the thought that we could get Stafford. The dude a baller. And just because the lions sucked for so long he never got the credit he deserved
  13. If we had a QB, we’d be one of the best teams in the league, and young as hell. Speaking of qbs anyone hear anything on Alex? Haskins looked like haskins. Throw high and away. Sucks he isn’t working out, I had high hopes for him
  14. I’ve always been a big believer in a new young qb sitting the first year or even 2 so he can learn the game and watch the vet. Haskins having only one year under his belt in college should have never started so soon. Mahomes sitting his first year behind smith he said helped him more then anything else he learned that year. Rodgers Said sitting behind favre the first year was one of the best things that could have happened to him. A lot of qbs aren’t amazing right away. Brees took two years before he turned it on. Manning was awful his rookie year. Romo once said something like watching Bleds
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