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  1. I like Haskins but he seems so scared to throw and make a decision. I really think if he’s get comfortable and just have some confidence he’d do miles better. At the same time, I’d already have thrown the season for Lawrence because I think he’s the best qb I’ve ever seen. So what do I know
  2. I still haven’t got an answer or opinion if anyone knows why we can’t just change the name to “skins” and just change the emblem to the spear from spurrier era maybe?
  3. I think his point is, if all dwarves are offended by the team name “Giants” does that also make it right to change their name? point black it’s because of a skin color which in this country somehow still has ridiculous meaning. The problem is that it’s not even the skin color to which the name Redskins derives from. It’s from the mud put on the warriors faces of that tribe when they would go into battle. Those warriors would have a red tinted skin on the face due to the mud and therefore called “redskins” but I’m not here to argue what’s right and what’s wrong, I’m just trying to point
  4. Can anyone who is knowledgeable on the entire offensive stuff explain to me if the team name of just “Skins” would be offensive?
  5. Could we just change it to “Skins” or is that too offensive now too? The funny part is(I’m sure most of you know) that the term redskins was from the mud put on the warriors faces in battle for that specific tribe. But I do wish we could at least just keep “Skins” somehow. However rumors I hear are “Warriors” “Redtails” “Braves” and “Senators”. i hate the senators name. I’d be ok with the others. I still don’t agree with the name change because the origin is one of honor and not disrespect but whatever, just as long as it’s not a crappy new name
  6. I wish some people who have no faith in haskins could tell me specifics why? Last year he started rough, no doubt. But he’s a rookie. Doesn’t anyone remember his last three games? If I remember correctly he had no sacks, 7 tds? Like did a complete 180. Do we have any insider knowledge on if he’s been workin his ass off in the off season? I do t know what he’s like outside of the field at all, just curious why some are so negative on him because I thought he rocketed upwards those last couple weeks
  7. I can’t believe anyone is blaming Kyle for the Trent Williams crap. stop it seriously. blame Bruce ****ing Allen. Had that egomaniac piece of trash did the RIGHT THING FOR THE TEAM AND FRANCHISE LAST YEAR WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS SITUATION. You see, Bruce had to show Trent that Bruce can’t be screwed around. We could have gotten at least a 1st and a 2nd for Trent. But Bruce the **** wouldn’t even entertain the thought. He just wanted to screw trents year, even tho it cost the team
  8. I think other then Charles we are drafting character guys
  9. I’m aware what your saying. I was making a point that players can be great or crap no matter where drafted. And my intention with the Irvin example was that every website thought it was the reach of the century but it wasn’t. Websites aren’t always draft rooms. Look at the raiders. 2 years in a row with mayock as the gm theyve apparently “reached,” but heck if he was still an analyst he’d be ****ting all over those picks for reaching. Obviously it’s diff between scouts and online draft analyst
  10. A lot of that usually doesn’t matter. Always remember Bruce Irvin was taken in the first round and was supposed to be considered a 4-6 round pick. And he was worth the 1st round pick. And then there’s a guy named Brady who was a 6th Rounder.
  11. I am really hoping Bibbs gets the job unless they just give Thompson the bulk. I don’t care how little Chris is, he’s a playmaker and he’s proved it. He deserves more touches
  12. Ahh this is getting so annoying. Has Snyder commented on anything new since this bs about the teams name has come up again recently? I have a Redskins tattoo on my forearm, and if the team changes its name, Im not sure what Im going to do.
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