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  1. redskins4ever28

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I’ve tried to ignore all redskins news past few weeks but I can’t help but not hear anything about jay or Bruce... so they are both staying?? I don’t mind jay but for God’s sake how can they. It’s stay after thiese last couple seasons...
  2. redskins4ever28

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    It’s hilarious how this is just the place Bruce got all his buddies jobs over the years. Please get rid of this guy.... Bruce only hires his pals and has screwed this franchise
  3. redskins4ever28

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Can we ever do anything right? How much more of this are we supposed to take? the Browns are now a contender, we have taken over as the laughingstock of the nfl
  4. redskins4ever28

    Starting QB 2019???

  5. I thought your post was a joke at first but now of course in usual Redskins fashion I have some weird type of hope that maybe your weird formula for gambling is right and we have a shot. So now this is usually when this team lets me down, only when I have hope
  6. This is exactly what I was about to post but thank you for doing it for me. Minnesota has no rush game. Today was the FIRST day they had one. Before today it was an absolute joke. Not to mention, Kirk has carried that team with his wideouts especially with how bad that defense has been playing. Monday night last week we have a chance in a shootout with Kirk. A shootout with Alex is laughable.
  7. So many of you get defensive on this subject. Let me be clear. I didn’t think he was the next Brady. But he was way better then smith. People were fooled by smiths numbees when his stats were quite padded. secondly he didn’t wanna be here after we basically tagged him two years in a row. I wouldn’t have felt wanted either. How many playoff games do you think we will win with smith? I can already tell you. 0. We might make the playoffs tho. Truth is it’s just another blunder by a very disgunctional franchise. But again, I’m here I’m happy we won, but I will not put blinders on and pretend that what I saw at qb today was literally embrassing at times
  8. This is so 100% true. Smith has fooled this league for years with his stats when all he can do is check down and once in a blue moon throw a deep ball. He can’t throw an intermediate route to save his life and every single week I get more and more sad after watching cousins highlights on what we could have been. Let the haters hate on me, but I really think we are a serious contender with cousins. Yes that’s old news, and yes I’m behind smith. But fact is, he’s just not that good. Hopefully we’ll have some mediocre years until we finally get a young qb
  9. I am really hoping Bibbs gets the job unless they just give Thompson the bulk. I don’t care how little Chris is, he’s a playmaker and he’s proved it. He deserves more touches
  10. redskins4ever28

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I live 20 mins from penn state main campus and watch them a lot(I’m a notre dame fan tho) anyways apke is a fantastic player, hes got heart, can hit, and super smart. my only issue is his pass coverage he gets juked easily on stop and gos and quick cut moves.
  11. redskins4ever28

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I’m confused even if we draft by need how do we not take James? Was his knee that bad?
  12. redskins4ever28

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I’m so sad about this. I thought maybe I’d we lose cousins at least we’d have a fresh young drafted qb to look forward to. Then we get smith lol I love this team so much, I have a tattoo on my freakin forearm, and could never like another team but I don’t know how to stop letting these things get to me. Sounds silly right? But I legit can’t even sleep now. This is so depressing. Worst of all I live in Steeler country...
  13. redskins4ever28

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    LOL I thought this was a joke at first’! this is a living nightmare an old qb who has never been better then decent, and a second rd pick? Holy crap what the heck???
  14. Ahh this is getting so annoying. Has Snyder commented on anything new since this bs about the teams name has come up again recently? I have a Redskins tattoo on my forearm, and if the team changes its name, Im not sure what Im going to do.