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  1. As long as Bruce Allen is there, no real change will happen in Washington.
  2. Jay Gruden: Why didn't he challenge the safety? Is he purposefully trying to sabotage this season? Will he relinquish play-calling to O'Connell? Why can't he run the offense through AD?
  3. This loss is squarely on Jay Gruden and Greg Manusky. The execution was poor in the 2nd half, and the defensive communication was horrible. I'll be very surprised if Manusky finishes the season as DC. One last thing: Gruden seems to be consciously trying to create a controversy. I don't know for sure if AP would've made a huge difference but I'm willing to bet he would've gained more than 18 yards rushing. Gruden set a bad precedence by not playing Peterson.
  4. Yet another smart pick, Sweat has all the tools to be great. On paper, this defense has everything it needs on all three levels. Our defensive staff, especially Manusky, has a big spotlight on them. Other than injury, there's no reason why this Defense can't be a top 10.
  5. Very possible, with Snyder as an owner. That's a great point. I don't mind Haskins eventually playing this season but it depends on how the season is unfolding. For Game 1 of this upcoming season, Colt or Case should be the starter.
  6. Nah, he needs to sit and learn. He's a great talent that shouldn't be rushed. We can't afford to rush his development. There's no harm in sitting him for a year. It worked for Mahomes and it can work for Haskins.
  7. Smart pick @15. Needed a QB. He definitely should sit for the season. Will have to get a WR in the 2nd. Then go with defense for the rest.
  8. We need a new Strength and Conditioning staff, it's ridiculous that for two years in a row we've had SO many players on IR.
  9. We could never have enough big D-linemen on this team. I'm not so sure Hood is a lock to make this team. Payne could also play DE, with PT as a NT.
  10. Phil Taylor is the X factor, but I'd rather wait 5 regular season games before I say anything else.
  11. RIP Bert Sugar, a true historian of boxing. Thank you always. :helmet:
  12. HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY! to one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. You, Me, We-a short poem by Ali. :helmet:
  13. Oh please Pac will be manipulated again to fight someone he could beat easily. :helmet:
  14. Which doesn't erase the controversy of the previous fights, if Pac does fight Marquez on May 5th what will it really prove? Arum knows that Mayweather would expose Pac. :helmet:
  15. No surprise there. I thought he was looking for May before this continuance was granted. , just proves that Arum is full of it. :helmet:
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