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  1. Anybody have a link to the Lions game that is not choppy.?
  2. this seems to be working- neolive.eu is pretty sweet as well. google chrome +adblock plugin= WIN posted by tarheel in another thread.
  3. I have family obligations that will take me out of town tommorow, so does anybody know if there will be a torrent available for download? Maybe?? huh, huh?? PM me if you know a site that may have it. Thanks.
  4. Sorry to have to ask this as I dont stream very much, but I was getting alot of message that say I didnt have the right software. Like ILIVID or REALPLAYER, and I think there was one more depending on the link. So are they really necesary? I managed to just click on full screen and could watch the game, altho the video wasnt all that great. I just figured the poor video was because of having to stream overseas ??
  5. Early bump. Will need a link down here in Texas..... Please.
  6. Early bump. Looking for links. Stuck with Dallas game on Fox.
  7. Probally info alot of you know, but for those that dont: RGIII says he plans to wear No. 10 in the NFL, and that the league has already okayed "Griffin III" for his nameplate about 8 hours ago via webReplyRetweetFavorite@dcsportsbog Dan Steinberg
  8. Dang, had a great picture on Justin TV and they get shut down. Everything else is choppy. Oh, well. when I get my lottery check I will subscribe to Direct TV-LOL
  9. Seems like the stream sucks during the game, but is just fine during commercials. :mad:
  10. Bump for the 49r's game. Would appreciate any active links come game time.
  11. NFL network is replaying the game on Saturday at 4pm if that helps anyone. I would be interested in knowing if any of the streaming sites will be up.
  12. Dude, you are awesome. Let me buy you a beer:cheers: :beerglass:beerglass:beerglass:beerglass:beerglass
  13. Most of them wait till about 15 minutes before the start of the game. All of them were so bad last week that I have been searching for something better. I came up with theses two that I have not tried. http://www.ilemi.com/index.php# http://www.kofss-stream.com/ Seems like most of them are usually linked back to Justin.TV tho, so if the quality is not that good on Justin TV then the rest are crap also.
  14. Soup- The game is on NBC which means it will be broadcast in HD. So if you find a good stream, it will also be in HD. See my earlier post on this page. I have a 58" plasma, and the stream was awesome. HTTR
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