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Redskins Vs Bears Prediction Thread; A Win Is Needed Badly

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When; Sunday 1:00 P.M. EST  12 CST


 Gee, where should I begin?

 Dave Edmunds 'Slippin' Away' song comes to mind, as the Redskins lick their wounds from a hard fought game against Dallas. Once again, the offense couldn't get it together in the 1st half, settling for Fgs instead of TDs. If things don't change, and soon, finger-pointing will creep into the locker room, creating animosity among players and coaches. RGIII is getting more comfortable, but still has a way to go, receivers seemingly get lost in coverage, special teams were a complete disaster, but the defense did do a decent job, but it takes all 3 aspects of a team to win.


The Bears are a strange team to figure out. One week they look like world beaters, the next they look inept. Cutler is either great or stinks it up, but their defense is still aggressive and their ST players know what hustle means. Marshall and Jeffrey are the 2 threats, and it will be a challenge to keep the ball out of their hands.


Deangelo Hall has fond memories of Chicago, as he picked off Cutler 4 times in the last meeting, but I doubt that would happen again. This will be the most physical game of the season thus far, and I expect to see a fired up Bears team, so the best way to counter that is to score TDs, not FGs, and play sound football.


Is it possible? Sure, anything in life is possible, if it is desired badly enough, and the Redskins desperately need a win if there is any hope of challenging for the NFCE crown, which is still attainable, but players will have to look themselves in the mirror and ask 'am I giving my best effort' on the field?


After a hard fought game, the Redskins show they are not ready to give up.

In the end,

Redskins 26

Bears       20


RIP Rocky, this one's for you bud...

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Bears win. Then the Broncos win. Then the Chargers win. Vikings maybe we stop the rot dependent on things we'll get into at that time. 


Scoreline is superfluous to the bigger issues. 




*Edit* Sorry about Rocky man. Wanted to shoot you a message but felt better on intruding. As a life long dog owner, here if you need an ear. 

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I think we win.


We'll be back home. Haven't been at home in like a month.


Bears D isn't great. They allowed a lot of yards to Eli, hell Brandon ****ing Jacobs came in off the street and ran rougshod all over them. I don't think RG3 will have the turnovers Eli had.


Our D has improved, and Jay Cutler is not anywhere near as good as any other QB we've faced this year(not counting Matt Flynn). Matt Forte is quite good though and will probably have a good game.


Hester and the ST scares me, but hell it can't possibly be as bad as last week.


Skins squeek it out in OT 27-24.

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we win this ... 23-21


This team, when its back was against the wall pulled off a great run last year. I still think they have the gumption in them to pull off the same thing this year. 


I also think the defense got some confidence with the last game. 


Alfred nets a 100 yards


Defense holds up


Kai wins it for us


Robert still does not look like Robert, but does enough. 

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If I trusted RG at all right now, I'd pick us to win this game by about a TD... I like the way the defense is responding and I think Morris would be churning it out more if teams had any fear of RG throwing the ball.

RG is showing signs in blips and spots, but not consistently. I am happy that he ran the ball effectively last week because now it is something Chicago has to plan for, which might open things up for us.

My gut has told me all along we'd win this game. Wish I felt a bit more strongly about it, but I will stick with it.

Redskins 23-20

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 I'm not so much concerned about Cutler as I am the Bears defense, and Mike's/Kyle's inability to counter the defense.


 This could end up being a battle of FGs.



 GHH, thanks, I appreciate it;  I broke down last night, and now i'm feeling better knowing he's in a better place.

 I should have trained him to peeing in a bowl, so when he sees AT&T stadium he can fill er up !

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Bears 28

Redskins 19


A pretty tight game like this past week. We trade FGs for TDs but hang around until Cutler scores early in the 4th to pull away.


I don't think we are all on the same page. We don't seem to have any ability to adjust to what defenses are doing now. I'm no expert (obviously) but I would work on no-huddle all week long and try to stay in it as much as possible. If that means that Morris gets fewer touches, so be it. I don't know why Shanahan would finally worry about loyalty to a RB.

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I think it will be close...I am hoping we can pull it out...


I'd like to see.....Skins      24

                          Bears     21


What I probably will see....Skins    24

                                          Bears  28


Ugh I have a trash talking Bears fan friend..I'm dreadin the post game if we lose...I will hear that the rest of

the season...we must beat Da Bears! Please...football gods...let us win... :)  :ph34r:  :wacko:

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Skins are actually favored in this one believe it or not.  Not sure why, but we are currently -1.5.  I would've thought we would be +2 or 3.


My brain tells me we lose, but something tells me we get to Cutler this game and put together some drives.  Redskins 24, Bears 21.

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Ya know, these prediction threads aren't as fun with our team STINKING it up all year (so far). But here goes:

my heart says Skins 17-10


but my brain says Bears 24 - 16  (3 fgs and a td)


 Aw, c'mon, its ALWAYS fun, except there is no prize involved.

 So I tell ya what; next week, I will do a prediction thread with a new cap as a prize for the 1st person who nails the final score

  hint { it probably won't be Dan T.  :P  }.

 I will try to throw in a hero/goat prediction; those are always hilarious, especially when JC was here; better put new batteries in your sarcasm meters, you'll need them!

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