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  1. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the controversy of the name change is a weight over our players, and it's affecting the product on the field. I didn't say changing the name is gonna magically make us win. Find me a quote in my post where I said that. We keep the name, It's gonna be talked about whether we win or lose, and as sorry as this team is, we don't need the extra drama. It's not gonna stop. It's picked up way too much steam lately, and Its a distraction now. Believe that. It's an extra burden put on the shoulders of all the players, coaching, and organization as a whole. As if just going out trying to get a W isn't hard enough for this team
  2. It's time for a change. I've had it, man. I've absolutely have had it. This is not so much a point whether the team name if offensive or not, it's the fact that the name is now associated with perennial LOSERS, a circus act, which is made fun of by the media on a regular basis. Spare me the whole "but this name is associated with 3 Super Bowls, blah blah blah" 10 years of good football. That's it. 25 years of suckiness ensued. And thats where we're currently at. And it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. "But my pappy and my grandpappy have been fans since the beginning...blah blah blah" Yeah, mine too. And they don't even understand why I put up with this **** year after year. They honestly feel bad for me. This is not a knock on the older fans, but the honest truth is that your guys' thoughts are getting more and more irrelevant by the year. People born after 91' have witness 23 straight years of losing. These are gonna be the people who make up majority of the fan base in a couple of years anyway, (that is if some haven't already chosen a different team from the get go, which I don't blame them given what they have witnessed from the beginning). The new generation didn't get to witness the glory days. As I said, the glory days spanned about a decade anyway. Most of us younger folks are embarrassed to even wear Skins gear in public with fear of ridicule. Again, not that we think the name is racist, but the fact that the name and logo are associated with perennial losers, NFC East basement dwellers, etc etc. Most of us younger folks don't correlate Redskins to winners, because we weren't around when they were. No team needs a culture change, attitude change, name change more than we do. Another year goes by, another year of "Redskins" being associated with losers. Just do it already, Snyder. EDIT: I understand I'm gonna make a lot of enemies here from ES'ers, but I feel like this angle hasn't really been addressed, I just wanted to let my feelings and views out.
  3. I think the only way to settle this would be to take a CURRENT poll of all Native Americans to see how they really feel. If the number is anywhere close to where 25% of them are offended, that should be enough to warrant a change. And before all the right-wingers on here crucify me about why we should bow to the minority, I'd like to point out that this is a billion dollar franchise that is recognized almost everywhere, and even a 25% offended native population is nothing to scoff about
  4. Those combos DraftChrisLong did look pretty nice. I like the darker gold pants with our current Burgundy jerseys. Looks much more 2014.
  5. Time for a name change, new colors, new culture. Those Ronald McDonald uniforms are appropriate for this team. They looked like a bunch of clowns running around out there. Those uniforms can go with Shanny/Bruce
  6. I'm gonna go out and say it, and you can quote me on this. This team will never amount to **** unless we change the name. Cursed.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread to mention this, but where are we gonna start talking uniforms for the possible name/logo change?
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    what do women REALLY want?
  9. Here's what I have in mind from my earlier post using the Madden Uni's as a reference: All we need to do is match our current helmet design to the color scheme of the 50's throwbacks. I think that would be an awesome new uniform to go with the new RG3 era. It manages to pull off that modern/retro look at the same time.
  10. I honestly want us to use the color scheme of our throwbacks this year, but with our current helmet. Our throwbacks are actually a legit shade of burgundy and gold, while our current is more red and yellow. Im going to work on a petition to make our throwback our standard uniform with our current helmet, ive done it in madden, and im not going to lie, it looks BOSS as ****. Who's with me?
  11. I agree 100%. We should make that jersey permanent and adjust our current helmet to match. That would look beast.
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    Preach it, baby! :point2sky
  13. RG3 would look hella clean dusting fools in all white... just sayin :thumbsup:
  14. Burgundy & Gold White & Gold White & White All we need.