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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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Sad day today. 


Two potential game 7 series end in 6 in the lower seeds home arenas.


Utah, man, once you had homie on the pump fake, that was a free lane for a game tying layup, let alone a better midrange.  Got greedy, and why isn't Mitchell taking that shot?


@Destino is right, here comes the air raid siren in Salt Lake City...



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This playoffs is the most NBA I have watched in a while, and the amount of three pointers thrown up is just unbelievable to me.  And The majority of them are being missed.  


The beginning of the Mavs/Utah game was brick city.  And it's not like they were making 2's in between, no.  They weren't even shooting 2 pointers.  I counted like 7 3s in a row, bricks, from both teams combined.  It's just frustrating to watch, granted these playoffs have STILL been really fun to watch thus far.


Then at the end of the game, literally no one between Bogdonavic and the rim, and he sits back, pump fakes and STILL no one between him and the rim, and he bricks yet another 3.  That whole play annoyed the hell out of me and they deservedly lost, even though it was a clean look.

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people like Zion and Ben Simmons are the problem with the league. This is the biggest issue, players not playing. It overwhelms the media and makes their ego bigger than the game.




The NBA is about the player and not the team. Players selfishly look out for their own interests constantly, i.e. Harden, Simmons, Zion, and pout about their situation to the point where they get traded.

I'm not naive. The same thing happens in the NFL. But less often. In the NBA these things happen and they are blown into public consciousness by the "lame stream media" WHY IS ZION UNHAPPY?

How about you report on the game and not frivolous INDIVIDUAL storylines?

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Celtics getting a taste of their own medicine in game one.  Bucks are making every possession a battle and have gotten into the heads of the Celtics.  

Really shows how bad the nets defense really was.  

Giannis is having an inefficient scoring night, but like a true star he’s found other ways to win.  Triple double.

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Bucks up while Giannis having a bad shooting day. 

i don’t get emptying the bench with 2 minutes left down 12. Even if a comeback wasn’t likely, just seems like a lot of time. 

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8 minutes ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

Porter you are trash. How you ever got a max contract is mind blowing. Soft as. Lay that up or dunk it. Why you pump faking. 

not when you consider which team gave it to him. 

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Draymond’s reaction to being ejected was funny.  Funnier when you remember he’s 32 acting like that.  Didn’t like the call but I’m guessing refs had a hard time figuring out what to do with a play that appeared to have two flagrant 1’s on one play.  I’d have just called a 1 and kept it going.  Ejections should be egregious.  

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