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What's the best way to make a PB&J sandwich?

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Another absolutely key factor - a tall glass of ice cold milk. Nothing worse than the letdown of building a beautiful PB&J, then reaching into the fridge to find... NO MILK!!!?!? You then eat your sandwich, the bitter resentment washed down with water.

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1. There's no better P&J sandwich than Honey Roasted Peanut butter with Strawberry Jam..

-I usually spread two thick coats of Peanut butter with a light coat of Jelly/Jam. don't want to taste too much Jelly, IMO..

Mmmm honey roasted Peanut butter!

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For some reason I like PB&J on potato bread. I love Wegmans Cherry jelly and after making fun of my girlfriend for buying this peanut butter I ended up needing to use it one day when we ran out of Jif, felt like a fool cause the stuff tastes amazing lol.


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Went out to the store today while at work and brought back makings for PB&J and I asked my buddy if he wanted me to make him one, too.

He said yes, then proceeded to bust my balls for making it wrong. I left the crust on and didn't cut it in half. Whatever.

So that made me think...what's the most popular way to make a PB&J sandwich?

It's a multiple choice poll.

No crust, what is he watching Sesame Street?

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You should be banned, like, now. Mods? Some action here? This is serious ****.

Nothing, nothing is worse than creamy peanut butter. It's peanut butter with the best part taken out. It should be outlawed. I'm offended by it's existence.

Oops. I was so blinded with rage I forgot to answer the OP.

Peter Pan Honey Roast Crunchy.

Any non-grape jelly is acceptable.

The crust stays on.

WHEAT bread.

Not cut.

None of this is debatable.

George Washington Carver intended on a smooth peanut butter. Not some jagged shell filled tomfoolery.

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I love eating clean and organic...however I will NEVER compromise using Jif when making a PB&J. FWIW, PB&J might be the best sandwich ever. Close second is grilled cheese, but that thread can be for another day.

If you're going to make one, make it right.

Pepperidge Farms Oatmeal Bread


Strawberry Jelly

*you're going to need a 2/1 ratio of PB to Jelly.

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Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are highly underrated.

George Washington Carver intended on a smooth peanut butter. Not some jagged shell filled tomfoolery.

I'm pretty sure smooth peanut butter was his failed nut butter prototype. He probably threw a couple jars of it in the trash and some jealous white inventor who was digging through his ****, found it, copied it, and started selling it to clueless rubes who didn't know what real peanut butter should taste like.

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JIF, grape jelly (welches), Arnold's Country White bread, grab two slices, open them so they are compliments of each other when put back together (in other words, so they line up. I hate it when people flip them the wrong way and you have uneven spots), put PB on left slice, lick remaining PB off knife. Rinse knife under hot water briefly, dry with paper towel. Spread jelly with knife on right slice. Put both slices together. Do not cut the sandwich under any circumstances.

When I eat it I pull the crusts off and eat them first (I like crusts), then I eat the rest of the sandwich.

I am 24 years old and I eat PBJ for at least 5 meals per week. It is something I can make quickly and take with me along with a banana and some water on my way out the door. I love it dearly.

I'm cool with people doing it a different way though. There isn't really a correct way to have a PBJ sandwich, it's up to whatever you enjoy.

Oh and potato chips in the middle is totally acceptable if you're in the mood for it. Especially kettle cooked chips.

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