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What's the best way to make a PB&J sandwich?

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Went out to the store today while at work and brought back makings for PB&J and I asked my buddy if he wanted me to make him one, too.

He said yes, then proceeded to bust my balls for making it wrong. I left the crust on and didn't cut it in half. Whatever.

So that made me think...what's the most popular way to make a PB&J sandwich?

It's a multiple choice poll.

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I prefer Pater Pan. But really any of them work.

With crust...as pj says..no crust is for children. Besides what grown man does that ?

Welch's Grape Jam (Not jelly) Jam spreads better.

Peanut Butter on first, only one half needs to dressed with both toppings.

I will add... that I love it most on lightly toasted bread so that the PB&J melts a little on the warm bread, and the slight toasting of the bread gives it more texture.

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I gotta agree on the lightly toasted. Also, no love for crushed up chips on it too?

I don't dip my chips in PB or Jam...so no for me, sounds like ketchup on eggs...which I know people eat...but not me.

chunky Pb on both pieces of bread. I prefer raspberry jam. Jelly sucks. you can't spread something that acts like Jello. I never cut sandwich in 1/2. ever.

I like the chunky PB sometimes...but normally on some crackers, not on bread so much. I would eat it, but I wouldn't make it that way.

I didn't address the cutting of a sandwich. I don't do it either. Don't get me wrong when I buy a big sandwich at a restaurant and it is cut...that's fine. It's just not something that I ever do when making any type of sandwich.

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Damn, I did neglect that. Honestly, I don't know anyone who prefers chunky.

You should be banned, like, now. Mods? Some action here? This is serious ****.

Nothing, nothing is worse than creamy peanut butter. It's peanut butter with the best part taken out. It should be outlawed. I'm offended by it's existence.

Oops. I was so blinded with rage I forgot to answer the OP.

Peter Pan Honey Roast Crunchy.

Any non-grape jelly is acceptable.

The crust stays on.

WHEAT bread.

Not cut.

None of this is debatable.

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I like to spread the PB on both sides to set a good foundation. Then, I take some strawberry jelly and spread that on one side. I've found that a 2:1 PB-J ratio is optimal.

Also, have you guys ever tried a toasted PB and J sandwich. It's pretty good.

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Another absolutely key factor - a tall glass of ice cold milk. Nothing worse than the letdown of building a beautiful PB&J, then reaching into the fridge to find... NO MILK!!!?!? You then eat your sandwich, the bitter resentment washed down with water.

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