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  1. There is a way to get these representative to move and move quick...Muslims need to join the NRA in droves and watch them jump to action quick. Reforms would be put on the table the next day
  2. Yup but haters will say it wasn't a clean dunk
  3. So curry has 7 FT attempts but he never gets foul calls. Lool
  4. Glad there are youtube videos out there to say otherwise. What was I thinking
  5. **** Curry's punk ass. He stunk last night but nobody will talk about it. He gets a pass for being a "superstar". Oh and didn't he go to the line 10 times in the 1st qtr in game 2 and 14 times total?? He gets plenty of calls. It's just that he flops and flails after every shot. Disclaimer: I'm not a Cavs fan. Just hate all things warriors
  6. Cant stand Hardens game. More concerned about faking a foul call then playing ball
  7. He is very talented...I just hate his voice. Sounds like a goat and it annoys me
  8. I do have faith. There are a lot of good people out here doing great work. It does make me happy to see all the protests. In this day and age with the political climate and islamophobia, you sometimes don't know how people really feel. These protests around the country and world make me extremely happy and proud.
  9. This hits home for me. My parents were refugees in the 70s. Originally from Yemen but my parents grew up in Uganda. They were forced out by Idi Amin. My father arrived in Maryland at the age of 18 and my mom was sent to Austria for a long time until my father could bring her over. My father arrived with absolutely nothing. Worked in a shoe factory and lived basically in a dorm room. He was able to to put in the hard work and just last year retired from the state government. He held the highest position in his field. Same with my uncle. And through all that he was able to r
  10. Is this real life? @Jess4_RK: WHAT IN THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH???????????????????????????WHEN HAS A PRESIDENT EVER DONE THIS???! IM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/LupgicIyUz
  11. Trump is a ****ing coward. Won't even release a statement or anything. He is waiting for 3am to roll around so he can unleash a twitter diatribe. What a piece of ****!
  12. Would of been better if he caught a flurry of punches or he actually connected properly
  13. Just cut the cord on Sunday. I got the new Directv Now streaming service and it works really well so far. Especially since it just launched and still bugs are being worked out. For $35 a month, you get 109 channels and an Apple TV 4th Gen if you sign up for 3 months. No brainer. I live in Orlando so the only local channel I get on Directv Now is Fox. However I installed a small HD antenna and it picks up 64 channels which includes NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX all in HD. So I'm set. My bill should ~$80/month now for internet and Directv now. Was paying $165 for cable and internet.
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