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  1. I said this along time ago that's what the uni combo should be. I don't mind the gold pants so much on the burgundy, that's fine with me, just not w/ the white top, that's
  2. Official Color Rush of 2016 Trash. Just like our performance last night. Bruce is responsible for this. Where the hell is he?smh I'm so sorry.
  3. ::pats on back:: One day Momma, one day. Still hoping one day Bruce gets over his infatuation with the Ronald McDonald yellow pants, and we go Burg/White & White/Burg or White/White once again. White/Yellow is dreadful.
  4. Welp the excitement was fun while it
  5. Smh... It's so lame. I made a uniform recreation back in this thread somewhere, where I used the faux leather helmets in their uniform.
  6. I just want the gold pants and burgundy jerseys for home, and white jerseys with burgundy pants for away. I do like the 80th anniversary throwbacks tho. Them unis are flames! I miss the faux leather helmet too.
  7. I absolutely LOATHE the White Jerseys with the Gold Pants. My God. Such a horrible combination. Looking like Light Brights on away games.
  8. I really, REALLY miss the white and burgundy pants with the 2 stripes.
  9. Truthfully if the Redskins can hold out until the next presidential election they may be okay, depending on who's in office/congress. However, at this point, considering the American society today sad to say it's only a matter of time. I'm still hopeful the name remains. Also at this point, what does it matter if the team continues to lose as well. :/ If they ultimately change it, ANYTHING but the Warriors. That's all I ask.smh
  10. Just getting to the point where I don't even care anymore if it's changed. As long as the colors remain the same (or perhaps cooler colors if they exist) and it's a cool mascot, nothing to do w/ Native americans so the naysayers can stfu and we can focus on football, and football ONLY. I'm not totally opposed to a fresh start in DC, as long as we become a WINNING team like we once were. If we're a winning team, win championships, etc... then at this point so the hell what the team is named. I'm tired of the distractions and losing culture that's plagued this team for over 20 years. The Nats are doing well and are arguably the next big team in the NL, Wizards have gotten things together and could possibly land KD in the next 2 years so they'll be contenders, Skins seem to be still at the bottom of the barrel, if a change is what we need to succeed then f it at this point, might as well. This issue won't die down unfortunately, it's gained too much momentum and it's at a point where it's a matter of time before Snyder caves in or something big happens where he has no choice.
  11. Whew! I was about to say, all hope is lost at this