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  1. It was clear as day that Jennings was not making a gun gesture lol. Good lord the NBA is dumb as hell.
  2. This team has needed someone like Jennings. When the **** goes down far too often nobody protects each other. Jennings don't play that ****.
  3. The UFC is dying. It's sad to see what it's become.
  4. At some point Scott should just take his team off the court lol. **** it, if you aren't going to protect my team, I will. **** the NBA.
  5. Really? How are they going to force them to blow the whistle when they simply won't? Come on Dest, you watch the games bro.
  6. And we're now playing hero ball again. Possessions where John isn't even touching the ball. This is stupid. Scott needs to get this under control.
  7. Beal should never be handling the ball up the court if John is on the floor. Quit ****ing around.
  8. Dudes a complete disaster right now. I have no clue what happened to him?
  9. Mahinmi gets hit in the balls and he's the one they call a foul on lol
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