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  1. I read'em all. Really funny stuff. A lot of them I already knew from shoot interviews but most of them were new. Can't imagine Austin hung out with HHH, Steph, and Chyna , though. That rumor seems a bit far fetched. And holy crap, Raven was involved in a lot of ish, as was JBL but he is a well known DBAG.
  2. Watched it. Liked it. I watch A LOT of documentaries, and this one was pretty boring, but I don't think there was a way to make it more.....entertaining? But, nonetheless it was a good doc. I actually laughed out loud when the guy at the beginning drank the "medication" and his last words were "Tell the others..... it doesn't taste that bad.".
  3. 21 Jump Street: Funniest movie I've seen in theatres since Horrible Bosses, this was funnier. Seriously, It was really really funny, imo. I also watched The Grey: Awesome...Until the end...Stayed after credits, still not satisfied. I HATE movies that leave the ending up to you...HATE them with a passion. Also, Liam is the man.
  4. IMO, I think this is a case of the Uni's looking way better on the players themselves than on the manikin. Those helmets..Man...They're so clean. So I guess you're a big fan of just normal looking jerseys, ay? I am well...not. Bama, Oklahoma, Penn State,and The NFL Giants jerseys are just so boring. Although I am a fan of the Gmen's red jerseys. But, my favorite jerseys in all of College football are pretty conservative if you ask me:
  5. Jesus, those Georgia jerseys are awesome. Best helmet I've ever seen..before Oregon's chrome domes. I love 95% of the NIKE Pro Combat jerseys. But, IMO, the best uniform in the NFL belongs to the Rams..Their throwbacks.
  6. The Rock had "Team Bring It" back in the early 2000's. It's not like it's some new thing. Can't find it online, but my brother got a Just Bring It shirt back in like 02 and on the collar it said "Team Bring it"
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