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You people irritate me. Front page threads.


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The Redskins just beat a division rival in a great home win for us.

It was imperfect, but, rather than starting threads complimenting the defense, calling out Davis for his excellence, thanking Cooley for showing up or really, fixating on the numerous positives, there are threads questioning whether Hightower underperformed, a get rid of Reed thread and a slam on Williams.



It's ok to.

There will be darker days. Don't put the clouds up in front of the sun for no reason.

We won.

Go yeah.

Try it.

You'll enjoy it.

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I'm not necessarily a fan of them, but this is a message board.

The threads aren't going to be 100% positive after a win, just as they aren't always 100% negative after a loss.

No harm in having 10-15% of the threads having a "negative" connotatioin if its promoting a discussion about weak points of our team, win or loss.

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No kidding! I couldn't make the game because of a business trip and I read the score and how we scored and I'm ecstatic about the victory! Then I read the play by play and saw that Ryan Kerrigan had an INT for six!! And then I read on and saw that Chris Nelid, our Nose Tackle, by-the-way, had two sacks!! A nose tacke had two sacks!! That's amazing! Now, it looked like poor Rex got sacked quite a few times, but he came back and fired first down passes.

In short, it looks like we had a pretty good game plan and the Skins executed quite well.


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Oh believe me, everyone on these threads jumped up and down, screamed and cheered their hearts out. That doesn't stop us from noticing things that are wrong. That we use this message board to do that is just the way it is - it doesn't imply that people aren't thrilled and excited. I don't see anything wrong with that.

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Absolutely. We beat a team that has OWNED us the last several years. And we did it going away. We put the nail in the coffin, instead of alowing them to come back. When was the last we time we won going away? From a division rival? From the GIANTS? Hell, after giving up that first TD to them early, I was half expecting them to pack it in. But no, they got up after getting a bloody nose and won going away by 2 TOUCHDOWNS. Defense was all over Manning. We blocked a kick that would have made it a 4 point game and THEN took the ball and cramed it down their throats. Guys, it might not have been a perfect game, but dammit we got a 2 TD victory over a team that has had our number for years. And they went out there and took it to a very physical football team. Enjoy it :)

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