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  1. See - all you have to do is mention 'asshole' and one shows up. I love the internet.
  2. Never crossed my mind - I know you're good people and always have. Interesting about 'megathreads' - it occurs to me that it's sort of a form of 'Twitterization'. I love Twitter, but the format sort of encourages stream of consciousness posting, snark, and aggressiveness. I think folks tend to be gentler and more respectful when someone's taken the time to start a discussion than they are just responding to another individual post. And as for insults, you know me - overly sensitive
  3. Content-specific forums are dying brothers. It's just a fact. There are some exceptions - I belong to an amazing golf forum that is thriving, but I mean it's about golf, and there are a lot of people who will always love and be obsessed with golf. But the Redskins That's a hard sell. When Om and Henry and Pete and I started our own board, it thrived for a long while. But the miseries that are being a Redskins fan, the overall decline in the popularity of the NFL in general, and the fact that forums no longer appeal when compared to megasites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has slowly e
  4. Thanks for the support guys. I will give the Go Fund Me campaign one more week if anyone is able to help out - appreciated!
  5. Thanks brother. ES Staff - thanks for stickying this and thanks in advance to any who donate and/or share the link!
  6. I'm good brother - just beaten down and beleaguered like all the rest of you poor ****s when it comes to my football team. Appreciate your generosity!
  7. Many of you know Sandy Zier-Teitler well, aka 'Docsandy'. Sandy has been an Extremeskins member for years, as well as a great member of our messageboard. She has attended numerous ES Tailgates over the years and has been a die-hard Redskins fan (along with her beloved and departed husband) for more than 50 years! Sandy recently suffered a devastating health crisis and needs help. We have started a Go Fund Me campaign on her behalf and if anyone is able to make a donation, large or small, I know that Sandy would be beyond grateful. Any help sharing this campaign via your social media accounts w
  8. Start and join a #DoNotRenewSeasonTickets movement and see how 'independent' ES is allowed to be... I have never been an obsessive about the #FireBruceAllen movement, as I think the problems go far deeper than just him. But the utter scorn Snyder and the Skins FO have shown during a time of extreme fan dissatisfaction - refusing to talk to the media, remaining totally incommunicado with their loyal fanbase about plans to address consistent on-the-field failure, it's really inexcusable. They don't care. You don't deserve to know. It's none of your effing business. The on
  9. Mararito's the guy we should be talking about this morning anyway.
  10. Those are good points. I've seen a few that acknowledged 'he was the better fighter tonight' - so its not unprecedented.
  11. I agree - he fought tough. On the other hand, it never should've gone to the scorecards since the cut clearly was the result of a punch - in other words, Clottey stopped him plain and simple. Judah's punch count #'s were dropping like a rock, so I think the result was inevitable when the cut occured, although you never know what will happen in boxing.
  12. I agree. I think he fought hard and showed a lot of toughness. I just wish he could 'publically' acknowledge a loss. Watching him congratulate Clottey, I think he was gracious and knew he'd been outfought. Why he can't do that in front of the cameras, I don't know - I think its sad and embarassing.
  13. Judah is a *****. Can't man up and just admit he got out fought. He knows damn well it was a punch that caused the cut. Man up.
  14. I can distinguish between a dog attack and an out of control dog that might hurt a child unintentionally. My point is, it isn't funny, and I've seen too many incidents where a child gets hurt because of stupid adults. All that being said, please return to laughing. At other things I would hope.
  15. If you all have no problem with that clip - fine. I think it says more about you than my 'concern' says about me. You ever had a young kid mauled by a dog jrock? No. I didn't think so. And I obviously have earned a lot of respect around here. The days of 'sorry, I didn't think that would bother anyone, I'll take it down' are obviously long gone.
  16. Naah. Unsonny's right. 2 year olds getting knocked down by pitbulls is good stuffs.
  17. How do you know that? That looks vicious to me bro. And 'playin' or not, I don't think its funny. I don't think anyone who's had a toddler attacked by a dog would find it funny either. Sorry. And thanks for the flip-off. She looks a lot better doing it than you do.
  18. Unsonny - that clip of the kid and the dog is pretty disturbing. Not sure I see the humor there. Sorry
  19. Just a coincidence There were some posts that were way over the line and had to be removed by the staff.
  20. I don't think yours are the posts in question.
  21. Someone posts inappropriately, warn them once, if they do it again, ban them. That pretty much ensures they won't do it again. It's not rocket science. Theres no reason to close this thread.
  22. Everybody loves a little ***** I think you're back in the circle of trust!
  23. I know. She, like, has no plans for the economy!
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