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  1. What?! You might not like the english style of play, but there's no question the top teams from the EPL can compete with the top teams from the other european leagues. I personally much prefer to watch the EPL over the Italian or German leagues.
  2. Is there a concise, non-bias description of Obamacare out there?
  3. Thank you for the kind words sir! Back in those days, when 2 of the "heavies" were engaged in vigorous debate, I would be afraid to chime in b/c I didn't want to look stupid. I don't want to sound like I'm putting current members down, b/c there still are some really smart guys in here, but the sheer volume has completely changed the feel of the place, and many of the most impressive posters from the golden days really don't post much anymore, if at all. Oh and btw, as good as Art was, he had an unfair advantage. If he sensed he was starting to lose a debate he would just threaten to ban h
  4. Some of my favorite all time debates in here were between you and Art, '62.
  5. I read only without logging in for about a year until I finally registered in 2002. This place was a lot different back then. ES is still the best source of Skins info anywhere, but the debates were so much more interesting back then with guys like Art, DH, Jimster, Henry Om, Bulldog, Tarhog, and '62 all going at it. Back then you got familiar with everyone's writing styles and philosophies, and good threads would last for days and days.
  6. PCS, I've been skiing at Park City a few times, though it's been a few years. Spent most of my time in the Jupiter bowls. I've also been to Alta and Snowbird. Utah has the best skiing in the world.
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