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Redskins Fans....who you rooting for this year in the playoffs?


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I want the Eagles to lose, but I want Michael Vick to look awesome because he's a Hokie.

My top choice is Seattle, because it would be funny.

I guess I'll list an order.







Eagles(HATE, except Vick)







Steelers(MORE HATE)

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Apologies to Packers and Saints

Just not the Eagles, Jets or Ravens

How can you possibly root for the Steelers when this area is flooded with Pittsburgh transplant Steeler fans. It is too much for me.

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Dating a Wisconsin native, so rooting for the Packers is good for my health.

If not them, then definitely the Seahawks because I always love the presence of a good gadfly. It's the same reason, ignoring my home state, that I was rooting for UConn against Oklahoma.

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whoever's playing the Eagles.

Bingo. I was going to say anyone but the Eagles but you said it better.

I had to explain to an Eagles fan that I respect Andy Reid, and I like that Vick has been able to come back, but basically it's not the players nor the coaching that I hate, it's the fans. I can't stand how the Eagles fans act especially at the games. Like their you know what doesn't stink. lol. He conveniently brings up that the Skins haven't won a division title in 10+ yrs so I keep reminding him the Eagles have only been to the SB like 2 times, once with Dick Vermiel and the other with Reid and both times they didn't get the Silver trophy. Then I point out we have some in our trophy case which usually shuts him up.

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Absolutely no one. Skins aren't in so I could care a less. However, I do hope the Packers beat the Eagles. I couldn't stomach Philly fans bragging about a trip back to the Super Bowl. I'll mostly just be a fan of the game, watching some great QB play from Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Ryan, and Vick.

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