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  1. I find it difficult to have any opinion on a new hire, or new/altered regime. Some can make points based on empirical data, and argue until the season starts, and thats ok, but thats not me. With each passing season over the past 20 years, I find myself becoming more cynical about our beloved team. Doesn't matter if its a new coach, new front office, new players, draft, etc. All I want is a consistent product. Until that happens, I'll remain the same. Heck, I've only visited ES a dozen or so times over the last year or two as my lack of passion for details fades. Zorn's 'stay medi
  2. I read this post for every Dallass-Skins game. Kudos to Mark. It was great meeting you prior to the Giants/Skins MNF game. I can't wait for Sunday night.
  3. I look forward to this thread every year. **** I love Dallass week!
  4. I love this thread, I look forward to it every year, twice a year
  5. bye bye troll. go back to the inbred cave from which you crawled out of.
  6. Three things happened when I was born in Silver Spring in March of '82: 1. Mom and Dad cried 2. A Redskins beanie was placed on my head 3. I already hated the Cowpukes. This will be my first Pukes/Skins game to attend, and I cannot even describe how pumped I am. Yes, I am completely aware of the trials and tribulations of our storied franchise, but that will not derail me. It will mark the culmination of my **** talkery. It will be the finest moment of purre *******ness. And come december, I'm going to destroy some crygirls fans self esteem at the game in DC. God bless the Redskins,
  7. hahahaa, that was a reference to the Zorn article, right? ...I hope so anyways.
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