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  1. Many are all in on Chase. Not me and here is why... last year we picked Haskins round 1. Then we moved up in the draft to late first round to draft a defensive player. I view that pick as the defensive player for this year. So if he's taking our 2nd round spot then the 1st rounder should be an offensive player. Some will say we don't alternate offense/defense I get it. I am also aware on paper this defense should be unstoppable with all the past picks we've taken. We really need CB or S. But I'm not sold on Haskins. There are things he does nice and things he does not. It could be simply be because of his rookie year. I personally would try to slide back in the draft for more picks, hopefully not to far and I'd take QB Justin Hurbert. He's taller, seems to have accuracy, and is a fast runner. Then I'd have 2 young QBs for the future and make them compete to start. Hopefully we would get a second rounder as well to move back plus another for Trent and I would draft a WR and a LT.
  2. VRIEL1

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Is Trent great yes. Getting slower but he's still salvageable. But not at the price he wants. Pundits last year already broke it all down. Trent is what...32 when the season starts? Most players look to retirement at that age. Trent recently finds a way to sit out 1/3 of the season. The 4 people played higher then Trent are younger and the top paid LT at least plays 16 games. Trent wants more money then a younger player who plays more games then him. How about we agree to pay him but put a clause in the contract that every game he misses he forfeits that games money. No 100% guaranteed money. Maybe getting a paycheck will be incentive enough to want to play 16 games or maybe he takes a reduced paycheck. Weird no teams are jumping at the chance to get a 32 y/o every year injured LT.
  3. For me it would have to be better then what we paid to get RG3. The price goes up every year. I would want to move back only a few spots in the first round. Then I would want to get a second round out of it. I would look to get next years first round out of a team as well. I'm not sold on Haskins. I'd draft someone for competition. Play the best player that can pick up the offense the best. People want a vet... you got Allen. My perfect world would be to get Clemson's QB Trevor Lawrence and pick up Clemson's WR Tee Higgins. That would be a steal. Doubt it would ever happen but that would be my perfect world. Now if were not going to get our LT back then I'd say we need to draft someone. Of my two players from Clemson... I'd pick Lawrence first only because he is 6ft 6in and can run and knows how to slide if need be. Plus he has an arm. Haskins is a pure pocket passer. Haskins has a strong arm. To me Haskins is solidly built and hard to bring down but he is a slow runner. He does not out run the rush well or fast enough to run 15 yrds and get the first down.
  4. VRIEL1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I grew up with RFK stadium. Obviously DC is the best option. But the team built Fedex Field in Maryland. For 22 yrs people of DC and Virginia have had to travel to MD in order to go to games. maybe it's time to move the stadium to Va. I've heard the majority of season ticket owners are from Virginia. maybe it's time DC and Maryland drive to Va for a change. Maybe 22 years of them traveling to Va. I get it... DS wants gambling at the stadium. I guess because there is yet more revenue in that option. Build a huge retractable roof stadium and in the off season hold soccer games. Hold concerts. etc. etc.
  5. VRIEL1

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm starting to like QB Justin Herbert from the University of Oregon. He can make all the throws. He's a fast elusive runner. He is 6ft 4inches and 225lbs. He won't make it out of the 1st round so unfortunately I'd say use our #2 pick on him. Let him and Haskins battle it out best player starts.
  6. I picked other option but my idea will not be popular. I prefer the team took the first round pick and drafted Justin Herbert University of Oregon. The team is starting new I feel the team should start with 2 new QB's for the future. Now before the Haskins fans come and attack I'll preface this by saying I like Haskins. I did not know enough about him before the draft. I really didn't care either way. I can say I was pleasantly surprised by What i see as a pretty deep ball. It's not a bee line pass to be batted down. It arcs nicely over the defender and in front of the WR. I even think his decision making was coming a long well. But..... If your going to ask him to run the option, or if he needs to scramble away from pressure...... He really is not fast or elusive. Justin Herbert is fast and elusive. Can make all the throws as well. I'm still for developing Haskins but it would be nice to have another QB who is a little more elusive and fast just in case the offense they plan to implement will need that.
  7. VRIEL1

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    i thought I read somewhere that the Redskins got a pick back for crowder who went to the Jets? Compensatory pick in the 2nd round.
  8. It looked nice back in the day but for whatever reason the Redskins struggled with the WCO.
  9. Yes... I saw Turner for OC and thought "oh gee, ok." IDK Norv was always a good OC but a terrible HC. Unfortunately we had him as a HC. Maybe Jr. will do fine. But when I saw Zampese.... OMFG. They have to get him signed. I have been wanting the team to get him for many of many years. Zampese is the Best of the Best. The Redskins can't let him leave the building. Get him signed.
  10. Wonder if DS or Rivera could swindle Larry to take the LB's job. Bringing him into the NFL and better pay?
  11. VRIEL1

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Wonder if they could lure Russ Grimm out of retirement to be the OL coach?
  12. I think TW is making a mountain out of a mole hill. See anyone worth their weight in the medical field could look at something and say... bruh you need to go get that checked. But if it's small and is nothing but a mole most medical people would say ... looks like a mole but if you want to get it checked go get it checked. My point is Skin doctors take their job like it's heart surgery. Walk into an office and they start staring you over looking for $$$. Then they will tell you its life threatening if you don't get it taken care of with in the next few weeks. Unless he had part of his head removed and was put on chemo for numerous weeks it was most likely no big deal. TW simply is the 5th person in the top 5 and he wants to get paid more then them even though he is out of the game 1/3rd of the season.
  13. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. I have to believe doing this enough DS is going to some how find a winner. Although it has not worked as of yet.
  14. Agree. but ... why is Gibbs in the building today with the meeting of Rivera? Just a coinkidink?