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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"


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Could some one help out a skins bro is China? I thought i could suck it up and go this season without watching a game... I now know that is impossible.

See my post from earlier in this thread. Since you are outside the US you can sign up for access to Gamepass HD at NFL.com for $240 - that will give you live NFL Network 24x7 and live access to every regular season game.

The url to access is in the earlier post.

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Well, the bad news is I looked up today's games on "ATD" and no preseason games were listed. No Redskins games listed.

Hopefully they will add the game later, Maybe someone will sneak it on another site, if I find another stream to the game I will let you all know

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I checked the channel just now and I definitely get it. I saw the promo for the game - Thursday @ 7:30. Only time will tell, but I know I've watched an NFL preseason game on MASN before here in NC.

I was going to make a thread about this, glad I didn't.:D

I checked the MASN site and it said that the game was available in the Balt-Wash Metro area and North. What "North" means, I have no idea. Looks like I'll be resigned to trying to use one of these stream sites unless anybody knows anything about NC coverage.

Replays are on NFLN tomorrow at 3pm if I'm not mistaken. Too bad I don't have that either.

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If someone could PM me and let me know what ATD and MASN are so i can watch the game tonight, i would really appreciate it. I have a media center PC so i hope to watch the game on my HDTV. If there is a way to watch it in HD, id really appreciate that option, even if i have to pay a premium for it.


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