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  1. Other than the washington monument scene, i didnt really notice CGI at all in the movie, and i didnt think it was bad at all. Also, other than secret service agents just running out to be mowed down (2 seconds of screen time), i didnt notice any ineptitude at all. I saw US forces caught off-guard by an exceptionally cunning and well executed terrorist attack.
  2. Olympus has fallen. Completely awesome movie. Gerard Butler makes his character from 300 look like a little girl. If it were a die hard movie, I'd rate it 2nd in the series, behind only the original
  3. Early reviews for Die Hard 5 dont look very promising, but the trailers and clips looked pretty bad, so i cant say im surprised. jack the Giant Killer also looks completely retarded by the trailers.
  4. it was a highly publicized national story. having read the accounts, and seeing the movie, i can attest to how disturbingly accurate the movie is. The only reason i mention it is because, when you watch the movie, youre reaction is going to be "give me a break, this is crap - theyre making this up." They arent. Depending on the level of detail you want to read, here are some links. i think the abcnews article has the best balance in detail vs. brevity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strip_search_prank_call_scam#Mount_Washington.2C_Kentucky.2C_incident http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/st
  5. If people couldnt finish this, i wonder how angry they'd get watching Compliance, which is 100 times worse than the prison experiment and very factual.
  6. Ive been looking for a new show to watch - you just gave me one. thanks!
  7. I frequent aintitcool.com and saw a review for it and figured i'd check it out. Very glad i did, although one of the reviewers there really didnt like the movie - which prompted my earlier comment about some people just not "getting it." Bought a copy of it on blu-ray at bestbuy. You can purchase the dvd/blu-ray just about anywhere online or stream on vudu. You can also get it on netflix via dvd if you have a disc subscription.
  8. I agree with you on being shocked the movie didnt get any oscar nods. Michael Shannon is now one of my favorite actors because of this movie. Very excited to see him as Zod in Man of Steel. I liked Lawless, but it wasnt as good as i was hoping it would be. it had a stellar cast, but i feel it could have been much better.
  9. This movie is in my top 10 all time list. Michael Shannon gives one of the best performances i've ever seen as a man, Curtis, with a family history of schizophrenia who struggles with visions of an massive devestating storm. He uses all of his family's money to build a tornado shelter and his family must decide what to do with him. The movie is a fascinating study of mental illness and its effects on a family. TThere is not a single wasted line of dialog or wasted shot in the entire movie. This is a slow, character-driven movie that gradually ups the tension. If you thats not your bag, y
  10. so will the justin tv link work? right now it just says offline
  11. well you were one of the ones who benefited from it. youre no more special than everyone else
  12. ok, thanks to skin, i had the link but it froze up on me and stopped working. im assuming too many people started using it and overwhelmed the port.
  13. Anyone here willing to give me your online password to DTV/Sportspak if i pay your sportspak fee for you this month? :-)
  14. Me too please. I'm still not sure what ATD actually is - i just want to have a backup plan in case channelsurfing.net doesnt work.
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