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  1. talk show host

    The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Other than the washington monument scene, i didnt really notice CGI at all in the movie, and i didnt think it was bad at all. Also, other than secret service agents just running out to be mowed down (2 seconds of screen time), i didnt notice any ineptitude at all. I saw US forces caught off-guard by an exceptionally cunning and well executed terrorist attack.
  2. I can tell you with 100% certainty that one of those ideas has ZERO chance of happening.
  3. In the comics, he was taken out by one of his own people. I think the shows laid the groundwork for Martinez to take him out.
  4. didnt understand why those people he shot werent zombiefied themselves. did merle get that many headshots? Either way, the Governor is running out of guys. He only had about 15-20 able-bodies guys to start with. Rick and co. killed quite a few of them when they escaped from Woodbury. They got atleast one of them when the prison was attacked. Now, Merle took out around 5. I hope the prison attack reflects the Governors weaked forces and he doesnt just have an endless supply of "redshirts." Also, if any of you have noticed, the show tells you who is going to die in the opening credits (this has been done almost since the shows beginning). Merles zombification was "annonced" last week when Michael Rookers name in the credits showed up with zombie eyes in the background. That same episode, the credits had two characters names show up in front of two tombstones. One of them is going to upset ALOT of fans as he/she is a fan-favorite.
  5. talk show host

    The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Olympus has fallen. Completely awesome movie. Gerard Butler makes his character from 300 look like a little girl. If it were a die hard movie, I'd rate it 2nd in the series, behind only the original
  6. I agree with your proposed strategy. Ricks group could just lead them into a walker infested area and shut the door
  7. If youre going to call Andrea an idiot for what she did, dont propose alternatives which are even more idiotic. How could she steal a truck? the only way vehicles can get in and out of woodbury is through the main gate, which is heavily guarded. Similarly, the vehicles are by the gate and heavily guarded. Even if she could have slashed a few tires, it wouldnt have stopped anything. Theyd kill Andrea, repair the tires and be on their way to massacre the prison. Andrea did the only thing she could do - she went to a potential exit that was only guarded by two of the newbies, who would be the least suspicious of her and most inclined to let her go. She asked them to come with her. They didnt.
  8. What choice did she have? They took her gun. She decided to risk her life to warn the prison instead of sitting idly by and waiting for the Governor to slaughter them. Geographically, the prison is only a couple miles from Woodbury. Its not like she was going very far.
  9. the governor specifically said there would be no trading.
  10. The reason Rick didnt tell the group is because then theyd be debating whether or not to give Michone up instead of preparing to go to war. It would ALIENATE michone and DIVIDE the group. Instead, by telling them they were going to war, Rick FOCUSED the group and UNITED them against the true enemy.
  11. why would someone need to tell Rick that? Rick met them and threw them out.
  12. How awesome would it be for everyone in the prison to be surrounded, pinned down and out of ammo. Theres like 5 guys from Woodbury left and they come in for the kill.... only to be sniped by Morgan one by one.
  13. the full mask seemed too conspicuous to be unimportant, but I do think its possible we're reading too much into the driver. It obviously cant be Andrea because she was at woodbury. The boy from the first episode would be interesting, but i doubt theyd give such a young boy sucn an important assignment. and I mean honestly, who else could it be that would be that would make it a noteable reveal?