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  1. What are your thoughts on a uniform upgrade. Maybe a 3rd black uniform of more Gold! Feel free to chime in!
  2. I got channel surfing and I'm gettin Wheel of Fortune. Any Ideas?
  3. Just signed up on www.foxsportslive.info. It actually will send you to channel suring.net. Looks like the feed is NBC in Austin Texas of all places! :logo::helmet::point2sky
  4. 45 bucks for 3yrs or the Sports Bar, take your pick!
  5. This will be my first time. Supposedly it's in HD and very high quality. I'm gonna see if I can get a converter and pipe it into the TV.:logo:
  6. www.livefoxsports.info will have all games for $14.95 a year.
  7. She leaves me absolutely speachless! How bout that Colt Brennan? Threw his first pick today, 13 more to catch JC!:hysterical:
  8. Yeah, he sure does! You didn't do so bad yourself! Channellsurfing.net will have all the games on your PC, enjoy:logo:
  9. Yes Z, thanks for the modifications to his girl!:logo:
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