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  1. Aside from my own feelings on the name, I really think that this will not change one way or another until there's some nickels and dimes in it for DS. With the state of FedEx and the new locations for Super Bowls, I think a DC Super Bowl is the leverage that the NFL is holding on to. It's not unimaginable for Roger to award a future SB to Washington on the condition that DS agrees to change the name in the following year(s).
  2. Maybe I got that from the local ACC coverage that I watch every Saturday. Or from hearing it discussed on the local radio station. It could also have been from when I talk to fans or go to games. I can't remember. I'm sorry you don't like it. I found it to be an exciting twist for a game. You must be right though, since I proved your point.
  3. I don't think UNC was any different than most of the ACC. NC State, Duke, and Maryland have each worn a number of different combinations.
  4. I like the socks too. Also, is it me, or did they darken the gold ever so slightly. I'm looking at http://nikeinc.com/nike-football/news/nfl-uniforms-washington-redskins#/inline/9473, specifically the cleats.
  5. That look would have me running INTO the nearest wall (or goalpost). Don't know about through.
  6. I saw that CSN Washington has a livestream site (http://www.csnwashington.com/pages/live_stream). Has anyone ever used this?
  7. So the local affiliates won't be carrying it? That's unfortunate. This is still Skins territory as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Is there any way to find out if the game will be on here in NC or if it will be the dreadful Chiefs game?
  9. Does anyone have suggestions for viewing the game AFTER the game? I can't get home until 5pm, so I can't stream it.
  10. Campbell 5 for 5 for 51 yards and TD on first possession! Listen to ESPN980.com if you can't find a link. I haven't found one yet.
  11. I checked the MASN site and it said that the game was available in the Balt-Wash Metro area and North. What "North" means, I have no idea. Looks like I'll be resigned to trying to use one of these stream sites unless anybody knows anything about NC coverage. Replays are on NFLN tomorrow at 3pm if I'm not mistaken. Too bad I don't have that either.
  12. What is ATD? Can someone PM me with the full site. Alternately, anybody know what games the networks in NC will be showing?
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