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  1. You are talking apples and McNuggets here. There is a difference between a group of people being segregated from the rest of the populace based on their skin color and the name of the Washington Redskins. You can compared the team name to the OBVIOUS racial slur that beings with a N, but you would also be comparing apples to McNuggs. The term Redskin(s) was quoined based on the warpaint the indigenous people of continent war into battle not their skin color. The vast majority of people that are making a fuss about a team name that has been around for 81 years without much complaint are people
  2. The reasons all of these links keep getting taken down is because they are being posted publicly on here. We as a community need to keep these things a bit more private. HTTR
  3. Rex Grossman is merely in Washington to be an extra teacher. He signed a one-year contract and I don't look for that to get re-upped after this year. If Colt Brennan has anything Mike Shanahan will see it this preseason and he will be the QB of the future studying behind McNabb. How long did it take Aaron Rogers and Kolb to start after getting drafted? Unless McNabb becomes stronger than a mighty Favre you will see a new starting QB in the next 2-3 years. HTTR
  4. There have been lower ranked QBs that have made their way to the NFL and done just fine for themselves. Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Matt Cassel, etc ... I am not saying he is like these guys, then again I not, not saying that. HTTR
  5. I sent you a PM that should solve your problems without having to install anything. HTTR
  6. I mean using the burgundy (not maroon) jerseys for home games. :steelersu HTTR
  7. I want a link to the source because this seems odd. I don't support that at home ... wasn't Steve Spurrier the last person to make that change? :steelersu HTTR
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