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  1. Pretty good quality here http://ifirstrowus.eu/watch/277369/1/watch-baltimore-ravens-vs-washington-redskins.html
  2. what he said... I finally am stepping up and ordered directv for the house because couldn't justify going to the bar and spending $30+ each sunday (lots of boozing last year). I always notice that the links last year got shut down so I could never rely on them. I also think that posting the sites on here helps get the links shut down (due to the fact that this is the official message board of the redskins)... there was a guy on hogs.net forum (i know not es but still worked) i think his sn was frankcal20 and he usually posts up a link on gameday with ustream or justintv ect. Good luck an
  3. I gotta macbook -- I thought I could run sopcast, but haven't figured it out yet..
  4. I am all for letting Colt go to the PS and giving Chase the # 3 spot based on CAMP AND PRESEASON! He has looked poised and Colt hasn't. Red Zone INTs are the WORST kind! Bye Bye CB :nana:
  5. Hey how is the quality from the site that is being passed around via pm's? I have the link, just at work now trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to hook up the computer to the HD TV. Thanks for any info!
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