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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"


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So it seems that every year an ESer or two goes onto college, bravely serves in the armed forces overseas, or just plain moves. This year, I have been lucky enough to find the woman of my dreams! . . . in Delaware. We're engaged and I'm all moved in to a house with Dish Network (Switching to Direct TV is not an option for her), but a FiOS internet connection.

I did some research on some old sites using .Guy.'s ES search engine ( http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=007335040014827223562%3Atxxpw2r44_a ), but these threads are outdated and you can't step in the same Internet river twice. What I'm looking for is a site that I can depend on to stream good-quality Redskins games each week. With the Ravens coming up in four days, I'm asking ES to give me and some others on the site a little help.

Going to sports bars is a bad option for some of us because we're either underage or will likely get a little too verbal for the rest of the Eagles-loving patrons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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StreamTV is not bad (http://streamtvnow.tv/board/)

$20 for the entire season

They covered just about every game last year. Most of the streams were good. About a quarter were extremely frustrating to watch.

The payment method is a bit tricky (and doesn't exactly give you warm fuzzies RE: future identity theft).

Definitely more reliable than justin.tv

Sure would be nice if the NFL would just broaden the reach of sunday ticket and make it available through more providers.

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Here is one I have been using for awhile. It usually has pretty good quality and a lot of sports. You'll need to download the software but it's safe don't worry. Click the link at the top for software and just check everything out and get acclimated to it before hand so you're not in panic mode trying to see the game.


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In order to avoid the site being taken down I can give you a hint. ATD.

Figure out the rest ;)

The good people at HomerTV also may stream games but security is tight ever since last year, when the site kept getting taken down.

The link that I had to HomerTV now goes straight to ESPN. I found the new link through a lot of google search, but they require a registration and a confirmation e-mail to use the site. I registered but I never got the e-mail. I'm guessing it may be like Demonoid now in that it's by invitation only.

streamtvnow.com worked for me last year. It's tricky to setup. They have a test stream if anyone wants to try it. Just pm if you need help.

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I think NFL.com's Game Rewind package is the way to go if you don't mind watching games on a delayed basis. The games are shown on demand and are commercial free. You can also pause, rewind, and fast-forward just like TIVO. Their current package includes all of last year's regular season games and all of this year's for $39.99.

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I've looked over and over and I can't seem to find anything saying it is or not. I live all the way across the country and don't want to miss it...even it is a pre-season game. Any information if it is or not would be great. If not, then maybe a place to watch it online???

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