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We lost Crummey!!!(Merged)

Thinking Skins

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i am not saying we would have exercised the right but i think if a team wants to sign one of your practice squad players you should have the first choice of elevating him to the active roster.

Thats exactly how it works. What happened here was the Bengals put out a waiver claim on Crummey and the Redskins have 2 choices:

1. Sign him to our active roster and release a player.

2. Let the Bengals claim him on waivers.

They could have given him a roster spot if they really wanted to keep him badly. Case in point: Last season Kansas City put out a claim on DE Alex Buzbee but the Redskins wanted him so we signed him to our active roster, therefore preventing the Chiefs from signing him.

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Only thing I hate about this is we're playing Cincy later this year and Crummey obviously knows our offense. Not saying it'll cost us the game, but I just always hate it when it happens.

I feel like Zorn is releasing part of our offense bit by bit. So what Crummey was exposed to now will only be a fraction of what he'll see (from the sidelines) when we play the Bengals. I'm sure he'll notice a few similarities but I doubt he'll be able to call our play based off our formation (like every defense the past few years).

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We're old on the O line, but three out of five of those guys can still play at a super high level. Actually, all five of them can play at a high level, but we've got two young linemen who can fill in and get it done if a couple of them need rest or get hurt. Crummey was okay, but he wouldn't have started for us in the next couple of years. Can you imagine the name "Crummey" on the back of a Bengals jersey? Eeee! :paranoid:

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