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  1. Noooo Yeah there's no way DC will be half as rockin' as in Miami. Most of the people in that building were people who traveled to Miami and were probably some hardcore wrestling fans. I remember the crowd in Capital Punishment PPV last year and it was meh. A very standard crowd and only get really loud when Alex Riley was introduced as the hometown boy.
  2. RAW is coming to DC next week. Does anyone think Lesnar will be there? DC crowd last time I went only did a big pop for Alex Riley and overall was the same crowd as anywhere during the Capital Punishment ppv last year.
  3. Strikeforce will likely hold a MW tourney when Jake Shields leaves http://mmajunkie.com/news/19421/strikeforces-scott-coker-says-no-bidding-war-for-jake-shields-tourney-possible.mma I like it. An 8 man tourney seems good.
  4. Is anyone going to the Battle of Legends event at the DC Armory this sat? I just heard from a friend of mine who's doing camerawork at a local college about an MMA event. Didn't know it was this one. I was slightly surprised that they managed to get Pedro Rizzo, someone who was once notable. I was expecting a bunch of no names. Goodrich is really nothing and Rizzo is past his prime, the rest up and comers and long shots, still pretty cool that guys like Babalu will be there and Mario Yamasaki will ref. I also didn't know that his brother Fernando Yamasaki has an MMA/BJJ gym in Twinbrook. I'd g
  5. Shipping out to Boston! But why that song though?
  6. Mayorga you got knocked the **** out. Good night!
  7. "Nobody celebrates impending defeat like Ricardo Mayorga" I love his moxy. He is the Latin T.O.
  8. He looked good the first two rounds. Mosley looked like he was holding back for strategic purposes. I think Shane has been a smart fighter for the most part. I lost interest at round 7.
  9. Mayorga starting to fall apart
  10. Judging from Rd 1 it looks like Mosley-Mayorga will be 10 times more entertaining than the other fight.
  11. Berto looked very impressive. After the first two rounds he was losing but he got his act together after that and overwhelmed Forbes.
  12. ugh Forbes is so frustrating to watch. I wish Berto would **** him up right now. I have it all tied up with Berto winning the last two rounds thru 4.
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