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  1. In the postgame Rivera said they had seen something on tape about a lineman routinely in an awkward spot for TBs returns, so they wanted to try to drop the ball near him to take advantage of it. But he said the kick wasn't executed properly.
  2. Are you suggesting the Lions are going to cut Stafford or am I missing something? We aren't getting a guy like Stafford or Watson (and even guys like Mariota) without giving up assets.
  3. Sign him ASAP. Don't let other teams get in his ear. His ability to keep his eyes downfield in the pocket is elite and his ability to extend plays gives Scott Turner's offense a totally different dimension. Tom to Taylor after the game, "You're talented, good luck to ya". Sounds like an endorsement to me.
  4. He didn't ignore Heinicke. He just didn't see him. After Heinicke caught up with him he said, "You're talented, good luck to ya".
  5. A great learning experience for the young guys. They gave the Bucs all they could handle. Sign Heinicke and get ready for next year. The future is bright I think.
  6. Westbrook's BBIQ is absolutely abysmal. His 4th quarter shot selection makes no sense at all.
  7. Looks like Beal wants to go for 60 again. Might have to if we want to stay in this game with how everyone else is playing.
  8. Smith was awesome to get us back into it, but as soon as Beal came back in either Westbrook or Ish needed to sit. Another Scott Brooks mystery.
  9. Wiz were marginally less bad than the Nets. Can anyone explain why Bertans was on the floor for that last defensive possession when we need a stop to win the game?
  10. His jumper is still so flat. His post game is greatly improved this year at least. Westbrick living up to his nickname in this one so far. The offense comes to a grinding halt when he is on the floor without Beal.
  11. I don't get how Ted could watch that play and think Brooks is qualified to coach these guys. Just hilariously bad BBIQ all around.
  12. Obviously I'm not opining for Otto and that contract, it's just funny.
  13. There's something poetic about Otto Porter cooking us. Bertans is a huge net negative on the floor if he's not hitting ridiculous threes. Bad news.
  14. Westbrook with two lazy turnovers to end the third and then starts the fourth passing on a wide open layup to kick it out to...Bonga? He looks like a player that has lost a step but hasn't come to grips with it yet. Not great. I just don't see it from this team, even when Rui gets healthy.
  15. I love Ron, but benching Haskins for this game should have been the easiest decision of the year after the week he had. Very confusing decision and a depressing end to Haskins' unimpressive tenure.
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