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  1. Sixers absolutely abused Neto and Ish today. Great game-plan by Doc, horrible from Brooks. Surprising no one.
  2. Bertans playing the third most minutes in this game is a crime against basketball. I'd love to hear Brooks explain why Hutchison did not play in the second half (until the game was well out of reach) after playing some great D on Tatum and not fouling in the first half. Bad game for Westbrook, Neto, and other key contributors to have their worst games since before the all-star break, but the silver lining is that it hopefully solidified Brooks losing his job.
  3. Bertans is a complete lost cause. Please just play Hutchinson for his D or Matthews for his shooting.
  4. Luckily our foolish coach left him in to get his third after two quick ones. Good work, Scotty!
  5. If I'm the Wizards brass I fire Brooks as soon as the season is over, resign Lopez, and try to package Hachimura + a pick for some borderline star wing because I just don't see him progressing much. His shot is just too flat to be consistent and his athleticism is mediocre. Plus his preferred shot is obsolete/bad in this era. I think his value right now exceeds his actual production/contribution to the teams success.
  6. Another inbound attempt to Lopez because Brooks can't draw up a play. Nurse putting on a clinic.
  7. Brooks is so lucky Lopez has bailed his ass out tonight. Why is he even in the game right now? This team in the clutch makes mistake after mistake and I hope Ted sees that's due to Brooks' inability to prepare the team.
  8. Wiz can't even end a merciful game looking like an NBA team. What the hell was that at the end with Rui and Deni?
  9. What a garbage pass attempt from Westbrook to Beal for the turnover. That week long stint where Westbrook had legs appears to be over. Team is much, much better when he is not on the floor.
  10. Anyone without the ball is useless in Scott Brooks' "offense". Deni and Rui could be utilized so much better than they are. Depressing.
  11. One of the craziest endings to a game I've seen since Popeye Jones. What a win.
  12. Can someone please get Rui a shooting coach? I've never seen a shot so flat in my life.
  13. Obviously I'm a homer and recognize there aren't any moral victories, but it seemed to me WFT gave the Bucs their biggest challenge of their 3 road playoff games. Not bad for one of the supposed worst teams to make the playoffs in NFL history.
  14. In the postgame Rivera said they had seen something on tape about a lineman routinely in an awkward spot for TBs returns, so they wanted to try to drop the ball near him to take advantage of it. But he said the kick wasn't executed properly.
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