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  1. those breaking balls were insane. made striking out the side look easy.
  2. That was the most 2020 baseball game I have ever seen. Glad we pulled it out in the end!
  3. Assuredly meaningless, but the Os could easily be 5-2 if not for Sulser getting squeezed the other night. Faced some pretty formidable pitching so far as well. Would love to see any two of Hays, Stewart, Sisco, and Mullins start to hit a little bit.
  4. For a supposedly great offensive coach it's embarrassing Brooks couldn't find a way to get Bertans a decent shot the entire second half. Pretty disgusting loss. On the bright side, I liked what I saw from Pasecniks. Looked stout defensively, good on the boards, and had a nice feel for the PNR game despite our guards being awful at hitting a guy rolling to the hoop.
  5. Thomas Bryant and IT are two of the worst defensive players I think I've ever seen. If they are both on the floor you will never get a stop. The other team may miss, but you'll never get an actual stop. Another embarrassing game. At least Rui has looked solid and has played good D on Kawhi. Feel bad for him and Beal.
  6. Sprinkle is not an NFL tight end. Blocking TE or not, hands that bad you can't be in a lineup.
  7. Obviously, yea, but that's why you run an out route. 10s is plenty of time to throw an incomplete pass. Just total incompetence as usual.
  8. Why did we kick that on third down? Any other NFL team runs an out to get 4-5 more yards to make it easier on their kicker...am i missing something?
  9. Sprinkle and Quinn have been letting Haskins down constantly. Hopefully can move on from Quinn next year.
  10. Only watched sparingly since the trade, but it amazes me how poor Parker's BBall IQ is for a guy that could easily be a point forward if he knew how to play with pace. I see why he hasn't found a home in the league so far despite his obvious skills and freak athleticism.
  11. If you're Reirdan and you're on the road against a team that dislikes you on a back to back, why would you go with the exact same lineup you had last night? That seems like a great way to get run out off the rink.
  12. Not dumping Ariza at the deadline is unforgivable. He's a total black hole who gambles every defensive possession. Would like to see this same lineup with Portis in for Ariza. Ariza and Green on the floor at the same time is completely redundant.
  13. Portis' game is really ideal for today's NBA. Really interested to see what we do with him as an RFA. So happy to be rid of Otto and that contract.
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