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  1. Just signed in to remind everyone that, yeah even though the Cowboys are actually good this year, Cowboys fans are the equivalent of Justin Bieber fans in the football world. Mostly football-free marketing victims.
  2. It's disgusting because their fans deserve to have experienced the Cowboys in the rebuilding basement for a few years. It makes no sense to me how they seem to keep lucking out on players and the Redskins can't ever seem to turn the corner.
  3. What a self-limiting idea. The last thing anyone should do is erect bars around themselves.
  4. I like the gold pants but too bad they've stunk it up in them. Bad association now....
  5. Ha, no gaping holes except for the ones pass rushers run through.
  6. Good grief, how ridiculous. In 2nd grade kids are taught about HOMONYMS. Guess the "journalists" at CBS didn't make it that far in school.
  7. Thanks to you and this post I got to see the game.
  8. Correct. I think a few teams wore white at home back then: I know the LA Rams did, Cowboys, and I think the Colts also....
  9. Great point. I'd like to add the same word can have several different meanings, senses, and usages. Obviously in the case of the Redskins it's not a slur in any way, shape, or form. Since it's not a slur in this case, people need to move on.
  10. I don't know, maybe it's the ugliness? It hasn't rained enough recently in GB to rock that properly.
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