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  1. Just tired of the unnecessary distraction. Probably should have read all of the posts. No worries.
  2. At what point do we blame Haskins? He knows the rules. Doesn't matter if they didn't meet up. He made the reservation knowing it was against the rules. Selfish, Stupidity or both? Almost as bad as the Seahawks guy sneaking in a lady dressed in Seahawks gear. I am all for a trade. Any draft pick is fine. Or simply cut him. No more distractions.
  3. WFT 27 Giants 24 Hopkins kicks game winning FG as time expires.
  4. I'm down for a rematch, but Teo probably ain't gonna stay at 135 lbs. Too hard to make the weight. He's gonna move up to 140 lbs unless the $$$ is too good. Teo is way younger and should only get better, while Loma is getting older. Not saying he'll lose, but who knows when Father Time will come calling.
  5. I also had Teo winning rounds 1-7 and 12 for sure. Loma is salty about the scoring, but it's not his fault. There are always gonna be some BS scorecards, but that 119-109 is abysmal. That judge should be banned. He had a piss poor game plan. You can't give away rounds in boxing and then need a KO to win and don't get it. Loma was too cautious early and respected Teo's power. That's the big difference. I think if he would have engaged fully when Teo was fresh, he might have got clipped. No rematch clause. Loma's team didn't think they needed one
  6. I missed that one. By the time I got to the bar, it was over. LOL! Guess, I'll have to find it on YouTube.
  7. Top Rank Championship boxing on ESPN tonight for the UNDISPUTED Championship at Lightweight (135 lbs). Vasiliy Lomachenko (WBA, WBC, WBO Champ) vs Teofimo Lopez (IBF Champ). Loma is favored at 3-1 at most betting sites. Loma (Amateur 396-1); Pro 14-1 (10 KOs) Lopez (Amateur 150-20); Pro 15-0 (12 KOs) No love lost between these two guys. Some think this will be a Mayweather/Canelo type of schooling? Not many saying that Lopez will upset Loma. Seeing on social media, Loma by UD or KO and a few saying Lopez by KO (supposedly his only
  8. If the O-Line opens some holes for him, we may see better results. He's earning every yard he can behind this line.
  9. Haskins playing like crap right now. Halftime can't come soon enough!!!
  10. So this is what being taken behind the woodshed feels like? Take this L and move on to next week.
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