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  1. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    He's not wrong. Khan quit. He didn't even take the full 5-minutes allowed for the accidental foul. He was looking for an excuse out of the fight no matter what he says.
  2. ksun247

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Can't stop laughing at this. At work crying thinking about those scenes.
  3. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Spence also sounded off on George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard and others in the post fight press conference and Twitter.
  4. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Quote of the night: "Shawn Porter can't sell out a family dinner!" LOL
  5. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    This feeding was posted after the fight. LOL! Anybody got the DAZN app? Only caught the co-main and main event. Both were action packed. Xu Can vs Jesus Rojas and Munguia vs Inoue. Thought Inoue would be an easy KO victim. He has a chin and just kept coming after Munguia like he was the Terminator. His skills are lacking, but his chin, power and relentlessness were on full display. Also, Thurman vs Lopez on Fox was good. Lots of rust on Thurman. Dropped Lopez in the 2nd and couldn't finish him. Lopez hurt Thurman late and had him running big time. Ring rust was a factor, but not sure if he's ready for a 40-year old Manny yet. Bud Crawford or Spence will destroy him based on what I saw last night.
  6. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    That is a NASTY cut. Thought Jack would win by KO. Was so wrong. But I'm glad AB got beat up. Such a waste of talent. After that Maidana ass whipping, he's been scared to let his hands go. Nothing but a gatekeeper now, if that.
  7. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    I like this matchup. Danny is gonna have to be on his "A" game to pull this one out. Gonna need his chin to hold up too cause Canelo can take a shot and he is getting better and better. Canelo by SD.
  8. Doc Walker constantly mentions this as the FO waterboarding Jay for this action. LOL!
  9. ksun247

    An Offseason Plan

    Not familiar with what Bobby B used to do.
  10. ksun247

    An Offseason Plan

    Trim the fat off the roster. Take the cap hits, however painful that may be and suck it up. Draft BPA, each round. Trade back if you can for additional picks in later rounds and some next year. Do the best we can with our mediocre coaching and pray for the best. In other words, #TankForTua and #CleanHouse. No Allen and No Gruden and coaching staff.
  11. Anyone think we would have been better off if Howard Miltstein was allowed to buy the SKINS? Every time I think about the crap Snyder has put us fans through, I wonder if Milstein would have been the better option or John Kent Cooke if the Squire didn't screw John over.
  12. ksun247

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    While, it may never be good to go over their head, sometimes you gotta do what you believe is right. Apparently, DJ thought he was right in his beliefs. Too bad it cost him his job in DC. I'm still mad about the way the team handled this. Gruden is freaking soft and so is the staff and rest of the front office. Seems to me they were embarrassed because he specifically dogged out the DC. Jay should have put a boot up his butt from DAY 1. Progressive discipline. Then cut him if he doesn't get his act together. Now, we get nothing and have another hole to fill in the secondary.
  13. ksun247

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Bad Decision! Gruden should have addressed this when he first started mouthing off. Not today, 2 days after another loss. I wouldn't have cut him, but he would have been disciplined after the 1st incident. If he didn't learn, then increase the punishment (fine him, bench him, suspend him, then finally cut him). Sucks that a decent player is now gone for nothing!!! Now, we got more holes to fill on this team.
  14. ksun247

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Great news!!! Now, this will keep more local talent home. Can't wait for football season!!!