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  1. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    He did go all out. He had a similar outfit for the Ortiz fight. Maybe, he should just stick to the mask and robe. As for the trilogy, he loses again unless he lands a well timed shot. Fury ate a few rights from him early and they didn't seem to affect him. Wilder needs to drop back down to a more natural weight for him. Firing Breland would be DUMB!!! He has a better resume and is a better boxer than Wilder could ever hope to be.
  2. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    He sure is! Always overstating stuff.
  3. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Take the best odds you can find. I put a little something on the 8th round KO by Wilder.
  4. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Wilder in 8. Fury is going nite-nite!
  5. ksun247

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Trade him ASAP! He should have talked to the team about his issues privately. Then maybe the team could have worked something out. But making this nonsense public doesn't help anyone. Trade him for whatever we can get.
  6. Yes. I liked it. Plenty of funny moments, some cheesy fight scenes, but still cool. It's rated "R". Didn't peep the rating prior, so the profanity caught me off guard.
  7. Maybe, because a lot of cashier's can't count anymore??? Everything is computerized now-a-days. It tells you exactly how much change to give back, if you enter the numbers properly. Maybe some businesses are tired of errors being made. Just saying! I think businesses still need to accept cash until it is not a form of currency anymore. Just my 2 cents.
  8. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Tank is a loser! No way this is acceptable behavior. Used to be a fan, but not anymore. Too much smoke surrounding him. He'll be another statistic, either in jail or dead. Can't believe none of his folks stopped him from embarrassing her like that. Raymond Guajardo (San Antonio) vs Clay Collard (Vegas) fight last night on FS1 will be in serious contention for Round of the Year (Round 1). Fight was stopped in the 2nd by TKO. It was Collard's last fight and Guajardo was an up-and-coming prospect. This was a Rock 'em Sock 'em affair. No defense at all. Ref almost stopped it in the 1st round. Guajardo went down twice and Collard down once. FS1 had a graphic showing Guajardo's record and a note that he dropped out of High School to pursue a pro boxing career. Shorty made a VERY BAD Decision. Dad and brother are his trainers and the mom is the nutritionist. I'm all about keeping money in the family, but they did this kid no favors. When the ref finally stopped it, family was throwing in the towel. Guajardo was seriously concussed. He interrupted Collard's post fight interview with Jordan Plant (Caleb is a lucky man) to apologize to his fans and thanks for their support and that he'll be back. He took a Grade "A" certified ass-whooping! LOL!
  9. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    And Farmer talked so much trash about he's the bigger man and would whip him. Bad loss indeed. Did y'all see NYSAC fine Redkach $10K for biting Danny Garcia, suspended his license for 1 year, plus forfeited his entire fight purse? OUCH! Nobody gets paid. He basically fought for free and is down $10K, unless that fine came out of his purse.
  10. I read this article from a different news source. It stated the mom posted the pic on her FB page. Why is the school monitoring the parent's FB page? And why can't the kid be a kid and like rainbows and that flavor of cake. Kids do stupid stuff all the time at school when then know they shouldn't. Vaping and cutting class is normal for some students. Seems to me the school wanted to make an example of the young lady. She is probably better off now at public school anyhow. I'm so tired of these fake ass Christians. Whatever happened to "Jesus is Love" and "Love thy neighbor"? I think these folks probably haven't read the Bible in a while and or understood what they have read.
  11. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Tank's discipline will be his downfall. Wants to be like Money Mayweather, but doesn't have the discipline outside of the ring to be Pretty Boy Floyd yet. Also, he may need new trainers. No way his stamina should be what it is. His power didn't carry up with him. Gamboa is faded, but showed crazy heart. Especially, with that Achilles tear. Loma, Haney and Teo embarrass him, if he comes into the fight like he did last night.
  12. ksun247

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Did you do reviews of Kittle, Kelce, Henry, Ertz, Hooper, etc when they came out? If so, how do the above guys compare to these pro TE's coming out of college? Just curious, if the current pros had the same attributes/concerns. If not, no sweat. Thanks in advance.
  13. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    NO Discipline!!! He's a little chunky dude. He needs to do better. This isn't the 1st time. He lost his title on the scales before. All that talk about being a star and future face of boxing, he needs to have more dedication to the sport. More discipline. Damn shame, cause Gamboa has legit skills, even if he is old. Sucks that Tank will have a weight advantage now.
  14. ksun247

    All Things Boxing

    Ok. At UFC 245. If it happens, will definitely catch it. Think Teo sleeps him.