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  1. Missed The Black Keys, I think. There was some music group but didn't know who they were. Mir did decent; however Cunningham has no power. Good effort by both. De La Hoya on the commentary for this fight was gold. Don't know how many times he said the U.S.S.A. Was trying to watch all 3 events at the same time. so my attention was split. Long day of work, so I almost didn't make it to the main events of Triller or UFC. Also, thought Harrison lost the fight to Perella in the PBC on Fox main event. Should not have been a draw IMO.
  2. With UFC going on and PBC Boxing on Fox, not easy trying to watch all three. I could have done without the mini concerts, even with Snoop, Cube, E-40 and Too Short. Dozed off during Justin Bieber and I have no idea who the girl was. Audio was jacked up during the concerts, or I just had a crappy feed. That Slap Boxing event was funny. Nature Boy Ric Flair standing there laughing and talking. Oscar De La Hoya was drunk as hell or higher than a kite. His commentary was unfiltered and funny AF. Askren had no chance. He just wanted that pay day. The co-main event was awf
  3. That uppercut was a thing of beauty. Blaydes was out. The 2 follow-up shots were unnecessary.
  4. Two boxing cards on last night. Broner vs Santiago on Showtime. Boring fight, but again the judges scorecards are just wrong. Broner should have lost this fight or at least been called a draw. Santiago deserved better. On ESPN+, my goodness what a DEVASTATING KO by Oscar Valdez over Miguel Berchelt. Was tempted to place a bet on Berchelt KO'ing Valdez. Glad I didn't. Valdez dropped Berchelt 3 times and slept him with the 3rd one. Candidate for Boxing KO of the Year. Glad to see Berchelt is doing ok this morning. Last night, that was scary the way his body dropped and he didn't imm
  5. Saw him out here in Vegas about 2-3 years ago. He looked in bad shape then. F' Cancer!!!
  6. Think they just forgot about it there. Not a big deal to me. Just found it funny and I forgot to put a laughing emoji in my original post. I'm sure they'll change it, especially with it now being seen in Harmon's video.
  7. https://www.boxinginsider.com/headlines/legendary-boxer-and-former-world-heavyweight-champion-leon-spinks-dies/ RIP Champ! Former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Leon Spinks loses battle with cancer.
  8. I see the bubble still has the Redskins logo on the field.
  9. Askren can't take a punch. Paul will just swing for the fences until he connects.
  10. I'll watch just for the jokes and memes that will be coming out when Askren get KO'ed.
  11. Can't keep Alex on the roster. Too expensive, if we sign and pay Winston. Alex needs to retire. He has nothing left to prove.
  12. I think we should target Jameis Winston. He's a free agent. He got LASIK eye surgery to correct his vision. He spent a year watching and learning behind Drew Brees. He'll be a cheaper option and we don't have to give up draft picks.
  13. Any thoughts on Terrace Marshall Jr from LSU? Saw a mock with him going to us at 19. And another with Amon-Ra St. Brown. Would y'all prefer Waddle over these guys? I like Marshall's production, just by looking at his stats. I'd rather us go LB (Collins), unless someone else falls to us. Don't want to trade high picks or overpay for Stafford. If we can get him rather cheap, then I'll be OK with it. If not, rather us draft a guy later and roll with Allen and Heinicke.
  14. Eminem's verse is from Rap God. Not sure why he put in this track.
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