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  1. Here's my take IF Ted is serious about turning this team around, and I think he is. 1. The team needs to be bad enough in 2011-2012 to get one of the first couple of picks in the draft to select a front court player to combo with John Wall. With the roster what it is now, I don't see these guys winning more than 15-16 games. Unfortunately, with the Timberwolves being a Development League team Washington is going to have some competition for that pick. 2. The team was hurt by the fact there was little available in free agency that was going to be of long-term help to the organization. The Wi
  2. My contention since the minicamp is that with the uncertainty surrounding Moss and the lack of any credible threat as the #2, Shanahan is not done with the WR position. Vincent Jackson may not end up being the answer based upon what AJ Smith wants in compensation vs. what Jackson has proven to date. But, a move or two will be made IMO. I seriously doubt Shanahan is telling fans NOT to lower their expectations while expecting Malcolm Kelly, Mike Furrey and 38 year old Joey Galloway to be producers at WR.
  3. the Redskins should never have changed their uniforms to begin with. the white on white was abominable. I personally like the burgundy jerseys and this time around I think we should start to wear our home uniforms at home for a change
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