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  1. If Jim Haslett called it quits, this isn't a dumpster fire it's a truck full of porta potties that exploded in the middle of 495 traffic. **** me please tell me that's not the case.
  2. A lot to learn and hopefully it'll make them stronger for next year. Proud of their season.
  3. John Wall not giving 100% effort in an elimination game is inexcusable. He's standing around on defense. He pisses me off. I don't want him to teach me how to Dougie. His ass needs to teach him how to get a ****ing jump shot....ee?
  4. This looks bad. They look flat, the crowd is flat, and the deficit keeps growing. Need to go on a run before half
  5. I'm so wide awake. Ugh. My blood was pumping late in that game. I almost gave up on them and turned in but I couldn't do it. It's the paloffs for crying out loud.
  6. The Bulls looked lost and the pucker effect set in late in the 4th. The coach should have seen what I saw which was a Wizards team with no momentum late in the fourth, ripe for the picking, and the Bulls let them hang around instead of stomping on their throat and putting the game away. I agree with the lack of scorers comment (and that has a lot to do with it, I agree 100%), but I didn't see a counter move to Whitman's adjustments. If there was one, it failed which means Thibodeau got out coached.
  7. Dude. You're on a message board with largely diehards. Preaching to the choir broseph. It's dem' wine and cheese mother****ers you have to talk to not us.
  8. Right. I'd still like to see us do a better job of boxing out. Also, Whitman deserves credit in this one. The funny thing was how some analysts were saying how good the Bulls coach was at adjustments. They got out coached big time. The Bulls had that game in hand late and **** all over themselves.
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