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  1. SlinginSammy HOF '63

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Meh, the way I look at it, had we drafted Rodgers he'd be coaching high school or selling insurance today. We have a knack for ruining QBs. and I forgot Carlos Rogers existed.
  2. SlinginSammy HOF '63

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Oh, right, right, right. We picked right behind them, didn't we. I'm going senile. LOL
  3. SlinginSammy HOF '63

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Well, Dan and Joe did.
  4. SlinginSammy HOF '63

    2019 Game Day Thread

    we even drafted our closer friend, Jason Campbell, above Rodgers. LOL
  5. Great game today but opinion stays the same. Fire Bruce, and sell the team, Dan.
  6. SlinginSammy HOF '63

    2019 Game Day Thread

    The Texans are so close to being one of the best teams in the AFC. Is this finally the year?
  7. Sorry I hate prevent D. I know it prevents the big play but seems to always lead to scores anyway. Against a backup QB who should not be starting we need to keep attacking.
  8. Hard to believe the Panthers were winning 14-0 at one point.
  9. Loving this power football. Peterson needs one more yard.
  10. Carolina getting a freebie first for that
  11. They are on their way down. Malaise (however you spell it) is setting in on them.
  12. Agreed. Give him a chance. That was a decent drive.
  13. Guice needs to be out there more.
  14. Other bad things can happen like a sack or QB flushed out and forced to throw a bad pass. Or even throw toward the sideline and our guy not getting out of bounds. I mean, I sort of agree with you, but a lot of bad can happen.