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  1. Washington has the inside shot now. I can see them at 7-9 at worst right now. Washington beats Carolina and Philly. San Fran is a 50/50 shot. Seattle is tough but obviously beatable.
  2. Alex Smith is starting to get his game legs back under him. Comeback Player of the year frontrunner.
  3. I don't know. I'm kind of liking this Wednesday football. Start doing this. Beats having to watch Akron vs Toledo.
  4. Just read that this is only the second Wednesday game since 1948
  5. And to think they did the same thing with Campbell. They just looked at finals stats not thinking about those stats were inflated by teams winning by three TDs allowing an extra 100 yards and a TD underneath in the 4th quarter.
  6. Washington is the one I'll be most wrong about. Right now my guess is 6-10 and a possibility of 7-9.
  7. Of all the teams in the division, Washington has the most favorable schedule and really has the inside shot at winning the East. Philly's schedule the next four weeks is brutal. Week 17 showdown against Philly could be for the division. I have Philly going into week 17 at 5-9-1 and Washington either 6-9 or 5-10. The key game is San Fran. That will be the difference between the two records.
  8. Don't look now, but the Thanksgiving Day game now has division implications.
  9. Well, let's see if Capt Kirk's got a 4th qtr comeback in him.
  10. Capt's got almost 2,400 yards and 20 TD's through almost 10 games. He's tossed some stinkers but he is a good QB.
  11. Another interesting thing. Thanksgiving looks like a crappy football day on paper minus the night game, but now, if Dallas knocks off MN, the winner of DAL/WAS will lead the NFCE at least until Philly plays. But Philly plays Seattle. There's a very high probability that the winner of Thursday will lead the division probably tied with the Giants) by December 1. At least the game will mean something thus making it entertaining.
  12. That's what I have, but if Andy Dalton plays like he did 5-6 years ago Dallas could put something together. They have the easiest remaining schedule of the four teams and they still have other offensive weapons.
  13. That would be a damaging division title. At 6-10, or whatever, you're usually picking around 9 or 10. Win the division, even with a 6-10 record, you're getting dropped to 19 (I think 19)
  14. You read it here first (and it's a pretty easy prediction), WFT will be in first in the East next Tuesday morning. (12/1)
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