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  1. I kind of like the gray Lions jerseys.
  2. Never doubt Stafford with under two minutes.
  3. You're up 22 against a 3rd string QB on a soon to be 2-5 team. Play Marty ball.
  4. There needs to be some. Miami to the south, Indy to the north, Baltimore to the east. Dallas to the south, Carolina to the East I'd seriously love to see someone win the NFCE with 5-6 wins.
  5. How many times has this franchise blown it up since 1994? 7-8 times?
  6. Dallas has the weapons. And even though Dalton got ran out of Cincy, he does have 30,000 career passing yards and 200 TDs. The guy is no slouch. I don't see why they can't go 8-8.
  7. That's one of those injuries that make you think even 2021 is iffy.
  8. They have the weapons. All Dalton has to do is not totally louse it up.
  9. Good Lord. He's done for this year. Hope this doesn't affect him too bad.
  10. Pats got dry screwed on that missed INT/fumble.
  11. Watching the Alex Smith E60 episode on ESPN right now. I had no idea it got that bad.
  12. Digging the shirts in the team store that say "WAS." LOL Was. Was a franchise with an identity.
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