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I have Arches Avenue. I only need Golden Avenue to win $100,000.

I would gladly give someone 60% of the winnings if you have Golden Avenue. I can do this because I'm only interested in getting out of debt and I can do that with about $15,000.

Eat McDonalds constantly and keep your eyes open!:laugh:

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I think I have Arches as well, I'll give someone 70% and a Big Mac.

Seriously though, wouldn't be a bad idea to pool some streets here, just in case. We'll all have the same ones anyway, but at least it will be fun to track.


Odds are we someone here can put together a winning combination.

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Well Toe,

you can get almost get out of debt if you have Ventor ave. I'll give you the 15k, but you have to pay the taxes. I'll pay the taxes on the remaining 10k.

I will keep my eyes open.

Here is a list of what I have:

Pacific Avenue

Arches Avenue (need Golden for 100K)

Marvin Gardens

Electric Company

New York Avenue

Baltic Avenue

Reading Railroad

Atlantic Avenue

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You guys realize that for each prize, McDonalds makes a set amount of one piece but thousands of the complementary pieces right?

So if Arches ave and Golden ave combined to be a winner, McD's would print a million Arches ave and an amount of Golden ave equal to the amount of prizes they want to give out.

So if Golden ave is the rare piece, whoever has it should just go to McDonalds a few more times and they will eventually get the other piece.

If spiffy threw away Golden ave, he just tossed $100,000.

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