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  1. logged in for the first time in a while...played around with the site. Noticed in my profile it states if I have been banned and for what reasons lol that's an interesting feature, i guess.
  2. i dont get the big deal about pancakes
  3. first year of law school...done
  4. Maybe some people like having a CD collection
  5. somebody take it out of context!
  6. you know tony K got suspended from ESPN for making fun of her outfit one day she has an "interesting" taste in clothing to say the least haha i'd hit it though
  7. NSFW not safe for children or probably women but holy crap its funny
  8. how lame is lebron? 3 things today 1) why are you wearing a green headband playing in boston 2) why are you talking so much trash and have such a big smirk on your face 3) why are you on espn's pre-game for the yankees-red sox game saying "we have a great outfield" you are not on the yankees that is all
  9. so after having yet another ****ty day of law school i want to vent in an internet forum seriously if anybody is considering law school I hope you have some thick skin I have never been in a setting where every single day feels like a kick to the nuts. Seriously, I'm tired of working my ass off thinking I did a pretty good job, def having no regrets about the amount of work only to get above average results that in this setting isn't good enough. I'm tired of every single one of my classmates having a dad/mom/uncle/sister/cousin/brother thats a lawyer and that they can go to with problems
  10. rejection by phone? haha sighhhhhhh
  11. in terms of cd's that I just will NEVER get tired of i'm gonna have to put The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at the top of the list
  12. lol today i woke up at 8 read til 10, went to close til 3, read til 5, played basketball and now im reading haha being a lawyer has much more perks than being a law student
  13. haha law school isn't exactly the mecca of attractive girls
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