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  1. What are the plans for this summer?? I just finished redoing all of our bathrooms, wallpaper needs to be banned and if you own a home with it you must be forced to take it down before you sell personally :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Need to replace the deck this year and do something with the basement once and for all
  2. if you are not going to use them take them to the Fairfax County Trash Center, they will recycle all your old paint etc... all you need is a ffx county decal on your car, it is located near fair lakes i believe
  3. what do you guys think about the mayweather thing???
  4. For those saying WWE should not have done that tribute, remember they did not have all the details. It is also not like this was premeditated, and it looks like he got in a fight with his wife, and went into a rage (probably due to the roids) and killer her. After that he was probably taking over by crazy emotions which made him kill his son. My brother had has friend killed by his wife due to depression after giving birth. These were not crimes that were premeditated but crimes where people just lose it. This happens, does not make someone a bad person, they just flip and lose it for whatev
  5. Vince needs to clean up wrestling or there may not be much left, the drugs, the steriods is not only ruining the sport but now killing innocent people.
  6. wow he is that desperate for ratings, wwe is falling apart
  7. I know you like to drink but remember to look in the dark next time Actually this spring I get to continue to taking all the wallpaper down in all the bathrooms. If anyone uses wallpaper anymore they need to get the electric chair, the worst invention to not paint a wall in the world The water might be due to either the waterline for the icemaker or even just condensation from the fridge. Check the temp inside to see if it is exrememly cold...
  8. i hope they shave the Dons hair even though like TK said it is APRIL FOOLS
  9. TK is my favorite Mod of all time :notworthy :notworthy My question for those that have continued to watch wrestling, which is the better show RAW or Smackdown?? It has been a while since I have watched and it sounds like all the good wrestlers are back so might be worth it again I never got in with the TNA thing though.
  10. then i will take your word for it and give it another chance
  11. wrestling has gone downhill since WWE bought everyone
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