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  1. mrcunning15

    Election 2018 Thread (An Adult Finally Has the Gavel)

    Didn't Ted Kennedy die early in 2009 and that ended the Dem super majority? So Obama really only had a few months if that of a supermajority.
  2. I know that is the case but it's fun from time to time to feed into TWA's mental gymnastics.
  3. Two wrongs don't make a right but I get it Dem's are always supposed to take the higher ground, but what where the Dem's to do if the other side wasn't governing in good faith and being unreasonable with their use of the filibuster. So I guess the Dem's will have to return the favor when they get the chance.
  4. Wasn't it Mitch McConnell who changed it to the simple majority and not Reid for the Supreme Court. I know Reid switched it to a simple majority for the lower level judges so i'm not really seeing how this is Reid's fault.
  5. Watch the PBS Frontline Putin's Revenge it gives a really good overview of the whole situation.
  6. mrcunning15

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Romney tried that line it didn't work.
  7. mrcunning15

    Tax Bill

    Pass through means that the income is taxed at the owner's individual level instead of at the corp level. There is no such thing as a pass-through corp per se the income transferred from the Corp to owners can be classified as pass-through. Most corps or partnerships classify as an LLC or LLP to protect their personal assets from ligation. The tax classification arrangement of the company ie (C corp, S Corp, Partnership, etc) of the company has no bearing on legal liability. However, if an individual business owner or partnership does not classify their business as an LLC, LLP or corporation then their personal assets could then be in play if the business is ever sued. So Tax status doesn't really set the precedent for legal liability of individuals and companies.
  8. mrcunning15

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I'm pretty sure he's implying that Liberals would kill conservatives. Even though the last 8 years proved that isn't the case.
  9. So you're saying that The Heritage Foundation is advocating for keeping the taxes? Am I reading that correctly?
  10. mrcunning15

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Yeah, Pelosi seems to bring out the same hatred from the white male suburbanite baby boomer demo as Hillary does. Why exactly is there so much hatred for her? I understand she made that stupid comment about ObamaCare but what other baggage does she have? or is it just a very effective smear job on the part of the right wing media?
  11. Not my choice. But yeah keep deflecting. I don't really get your point besides you just wanting to bring up "She who shall reamin unnamed" since this is a thread relating to Trumps ties with Russia and has nothing to do with "SWSRU". Your argument holds little weight when you deflect to SWSRU you just sound butthurt even though your team won, it's almost like gassp you don't know what to do now that your team has control and GASSP you have to be held accountable and actually lead and not blame everything on SWSRU.
  12. What are you talking about the russian connection was brought up ad-nauseum during the campaign, I guess it wasn't used appropriately. You're really the only one bringing up H it must be awful to be an republican and not have your favorite whipping boy around, gosh you mean republican's might actually have to govern now instead of witchhunts and blaming everything on Dems. TDSers? what's that Trump Down Syndrome
  13. I doubt any of those are true, proveable or impeachable. I do think the key would be to prove bribery. But I'm not sure if him accepting a bribe BEFORE he was POTUS would qualify. The "Actively supporting and participating in an illegal hacking operation to sway the the U.S. election" sounds alot like watergate to me so I think that would be impeachable.
  14. mrcunning15

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    How so? If anything I would think that would make the HoneyBooBoo demo hate him. The only way that I can see DT being relatable to the honeybooboo demo is b/c that demo believes that's the way they would act if they were rich.