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  1. Orton and Sheamus just had NO CHANCE with that crowd last night. We all turned on it about a minute in, yet they still put on a 12 minute match. Smiling babyfaces just was not going to work in that building. We all give Cena **** all the time, but he played along with the crowd. (Even more when the show went off the air). Orton and Sheamus just did not know how to handle a crowd that was not cheering their RKO's and Brouge Kicks
  2. Amazing atmosphere last night. Most fun I've had at a wrestling show in ages......
  3. So who's going Sunday? I am pretty sure just about everybody I am rooting for is going to lose, and I still don't care. It's Wrestlemania, I'm going to have a blast. Lets see if I'm right. Rock/Cena- rooting for Rock Punk/Taker- Rooting for Punk Brock/HHH- Brock Hell No/Ziggler & Big E- Hell no ADR/Swagger- ADR Henry/Ryback- Henry The 8 person mixed tag- Rhodes Shcolars and the Bellas Shield/ Show Orton Sheamus- Shield Jerich0/Fandango- FAN DAN GO Barret/Miz- Barret I think I hit two of them. ADR and the Shield.
  4. Even in its entertainment heydey when I was a child, Gorilla Monsoon still acted like it was a sport. Winners purse, rankings, etc. Today it's a disaster. Instead of "We all know its fake, enjoy the show" its "we all know its fake, lets make it even faker" Yet I still watch like an idiot.....
  5. Jesse Ventura and the Brain beg to differ. The heel v face announcing dynamic is excellent. These current announcers just arent any good
  6. Ha Ha. Oh man, thats the worst. I've fallen for the same kind of trick myself. Nobody would ever pay it up front, thats why they dont tell us!
  7. $250 for tickets? Good seats? I didnt pay that much for the trifecta of loser that weekend. HOF, WM, & Raw!
  8. Swagger is death. They are devoting so much time to it too, but its going to be a nightmare. Nice little match between Bryan and Ziggler last night......
  9. Definitely to PC these days. On the Macho Man DVD, there's a match vs Flair in there. Heenan busts out this gem. "Hey Monsoon, there's two women in the front row wearing the same shirt! Oh wait, it's just one real fat broad"
  10. Because the WWE only cares about one thing, money. And who brings in the money? The hero to the children, John Cena. Until there's someone else to take the mantle of the #1 face, he aint turning......
  11. The UT/Flair match was great. That is where the streak started to be something since that put him at 10-0 at Wrestlemania. When arn Anderson snuck out and hit the spinebuster I thought Flair had it.
  12. Undertaker is 20-0 now. I follow all this stuff on the internet. All the "smarks" complaining about part time this, part time that. I, myself, complained about how crappy the card was shaping up just a couple of weeks ago. But I'm over it. It's Wrestlemania. It's the only time I'm going to get to go to one, screw it. I'm going to mark out. Rock/Cena? Sure. HHH/Lesnar? You go it. Punk/Taker? Lets go 20-1! IF all my guys lose so be it. Unless Jack Swagger wins. If that happens I'm going to be pissed.......
  13. Blame market research. These Corporations did studies that showed Americans wanted tastier food and would be willing to wait longer for it. Which, in a bubble, is true. But if we wanted a good burger, we wouldn't be going to Burger king. We go there when we want a greaseball that's "flame broiled" in the microwave and under that heat lamp......
  14. I'm no Cena fan myself but he put on a hell of a show last night. That match with Punk was excellent and one of the reasons I still watch this crap all the time.....
  15. Del Rio is on fire right now. His face character has taken off. I would shoehorn Henry or (gasp) Orton into the WM Main event to do the job to ADR. A quick rematch at the April PPV as well. Use this time for Ziggler to complain about not being given his opportunity, strap a rocket to him, have him win some high profile matches, then announce that he's going to cash in his MITB at the May or June PPV. Then go out and win it. Cashing in and not winning is a terrible idea, and I hope they don't do it to Ziggler. But if ADR is going to lose at WM, then yes, lose it to Ziggler. I never
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