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  1. AWESOME Raw last night! That crowd was great. The last two Raw's have had EXCELLENT crowds! The fans need to keep it up.
  2. Mania was decent, it certainly wasn't the worst one ever. It wasn't the best either by any means.....but i don't even think this was in the top 5 worst mania's ever. Surprisingly there were no Raw rebounds...we didn't even get a single backstage segment. The promos and Diddy's performance were the only fillers I remember. So what to expect tonight on Raw? The mixed 8 man tag match that was scrapped last night? Ziggler cashing in? Christian returns? (heel Christian feuding with Cena would be decent imo) Perhaps an RVD return since he was at the HOF stuff over the weekend? Will the Shield attack Cena, thus bringing out Rock to his rescue and setting up Cena/Rock VS the Shield at Extreme Rules? (I really hope not, i'd rather see Rock have a confrontation with Brock to set up a Summerslam match or a main event match for WM30 between the two) Will CM Punk have a bone to pick seeing as Heyman went 0 - 2 last night and Punk hasn't won a major match since December? Could that lead to an attack from Brock Lesnar, leading to Punk taking some time off? (punk reportedly banged his knee up pretty bad last night, and was rumored to be taking some time off after Mania anyway) I know one thing we won't see....a CENA HEEL TURN. lol, unfortunately i'm beginning to think it'll never happen, and if it does it'll be way too late. And one thing we WILL see will be a boring ass Cena promo talking about overcoming the odds, with his stupid smile, holding up that belt that he doesn't deserve. Ugh
  3. If you guys think it sucks now what are you gonna do when all the part timers go back into hiding a couple months after Wrestlemania? Jericho is reportedly finishing up for a while. The Rock is signed on for Extreme Rules i believe, but that'll probably be it for him for some time. Lesnar's got about a year and a half left on that deal, so we should still see him to some degree. Trips will go back to being mostly behind the scenes. HBK is a novelty, i'm not even gonna include him in the discussion. Taker has a Smackdown appearance scheduled in London post Wrestlemania, but no word on whether or not he'll actually be on tv, or if it's just for the live audience. After that, he'll be finished up again for a year. I mean, if you think it's stale now it's gonna be really stale when all their big draws take a break. Other than them all taking their respective hiatuses, the product isn't going to change much. So if you guys are ****ing now, I can't imagine how you'll feel about it in another 6 weeks. This is why I find interest in the Damien Sandow's and Johnny Curtis' of the world. They're the young guys that need to be pushed so the company can begin developing new stars. The Fandango gimmick is a hit....that guys getting legit heat everywhere. Three straight weeks he's gotten "you can't wrestle" chants. He's doing something right, even though the chants are preposterous. lol, Curtis can work. But yeah, if you're hoping for some major changes i'd just save yourself the time and quit watching now. Nothing drastically different is going to happen with the product. Sure we all want that, but hoping for it is just like holding your breath. I wouldn't advise it.
  4. I was there last night, club level section 201. Good seats for the event....thanks Lavar and Dukes. lol The boring chants for Cena were AWESOME! They FILLED the arena. Even though this may be the ****tiest Wrestlemania in some time, last nights episode was a hit with the live audience.
  5. i hope Taker's back for Mania....mostly selfish reasons. Haven't seen him since I was a kid and I kinda wanna see him one last time live on April 1st at Raw.
  6. So is Swagger gonna lose his push? DUI, possession of weed, and speeding. I really hope it doesn't cost him the angle with Zeb...i'm digging that right now. #WEEDTHEPEOPLE Also, pretty cool tidbit, I won 2 tickets for the go home edition of Raw before Wrestlemania on April 1st yesterday afternoon from Lavar and Dukes! Oh and i think the new title is INFINITELY better than the spinner. I approve.
  7. something like that...it's gotta happen EVENTUALLY
  8. I know we've all said it, and we'd all like to see it....but IF there was ever a time to turn Cena heel...it's now. They have the perfect avenue to do this now with the Shield and Wrestlemania coming up...they're just gonna have to come to grips that Cena turning is going to put the kiddies in a tail spin. I seriously wouldn't count on merchandise sales dropping all that much if Cena turned. Not with Rock, Brock, possibly Taker, Triple H, and all the other special attractions that create merchandise from now until Summer Slam, really. Anyway, the way the three superheros (Sheamus, Cena, Ryback) got into it with the Shield this past Monday night....it made me think something was up. Cena had his guys surround the ring, Shield style, and after toying with them and trapping them, they attacked. He had an odd look to him when he was standing on the ring apron with Sheamus and Ryback. On top of it all Cena didn't BURY the Shield the way he did Nexus....they actually escaped and lived to fight another day. I thought at the Royal Rumble it might have been revealed that the Rock was the one who brought the Shield in...now...i'm HOPING, and PRAYING that it's John Cena who's in charge of bringing them in. They screwed up badly with Nexus...they have a chance to do this right. EVERYONE thinks it's a forgone conclusion that there's going to be a Heyman/Vickie/Punk/Lesnar/Shield stable...but i'm not so sure. The whole thing with Brad Maddox actually calling out the Shield, when it was advertised that Cena would....i dunno it came off as very awkard. I think Maddox is part of a bigger plan...I think, they WANT us to think Heyman brought these guys in. It could be said that they definitely took money from Heyman to do certain things on behalf of Punk, but that doesn't mean he necessarily "recruited" them. Maybe even the professed liar himself, Paul Heyman, wasn't lying to Vince as much as we think he was. Oh and for the record Maddox is dope, i loved the Bane impression he was doing. Dude's decent on the mic and he gets hated on cuz he's not from dem indiez...but he's alright. Still, if they could pull this off with Cena being behind the Shield...and it being revealed at Wrestlemania right after he takes the strap off the Rock..it could set up so much stuff. How would Rock respond? What potential Summer Slam and Survivor Series matches could that set up? I could honestly see that being the beginning to Cena vs Undertaker at WM 30, with that possibly being Taker's last match. Not saying it'll be for the title, I'd imagine Cena would lose the belt in a heel scenario prior to that. But a heel Cena, losing to a face Taker on the biggest stage....that could even be the event that turns Cena right back into a face. But with all the bitterness of his subpar 2012, and with him proclaiming that 2013 will be HIS year...if that's true then please WWE do something different. Give us the heel, mastermind behind the Shield, John Cena. Make it revealed all along that Maddox AND the Shield were HIS recruits. Hell, they could even have Big E and/or AJ turn on a WHC Dolph Ziggler and say that THEY were in on this from the start as well. That would explain the fraternizing of AJ and Cena late in 2012, and they could simply say that Vickie was more hip to them than everyone realized, so they had to cool down for a while and lay low before they blew their spot up.
  9. Screw Cena. Screw having Cena/Rock II at Wrestlemania. Cena's gonna win the title and hold it for like a year. ugghh....lame. I'm glad Rock won the strap, but I much rather would have seen Ziggler win the RUmble and at LEAST build the idea that they could unify the world titles at some point....even if they don't actually do it.
  10. I think Maddox himself could be the fourth member. But i still think Maddox refs the match. It might be predictable...but they haven't done anything to wow me in a while. And even though the Shield angle is alright, i think they could have done Dean Ambrose better and had him debut solo.
  11. anyone else think Maddox is going to be the ref for the Shield vs Team Hell No/Ryback match? I don't see the Shield losing clean that's for sure.
  12. Glad The King's getting better. And for what it's worth....give me Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels all day long. Hart being inferior to Cena is laughable.
  13. lol, yeah DB punting him out of the ring a few weeks ago was hillarious.