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Lost My Best Friend Today


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After 11 years,1 month, and one day our beloved long-tongued Iniki passed away.

We found Iniki at a puppy mill where he had spent the first 3 years

of his life locked up in a cage; only to be let out to mate....hence

his name....you see, when we got him he could only walk in circles;

didn't know he could walk a straight line. The year before,

hurricane Iniki had hit the island of Kauai; so we named him

after the hurricane. (Hurricanes go in circles...get it?)

The poor thing didn't know how to play, show affection,

wasn't housebroken, and would try to hump everything in

sight including our other male dog when let out of his crate

during his house training months.

It wasn't long before Iniki could walk straight (even though

when he got excited he would spin so fast that his rear end

nearly caught up with his head). He used to sleep wrapped

around my head. He became a sweet, loving, caring companion.

Five years ago, Iniki lost the use of his back legs due to a

tumor on his spine. We were fortunate to find a surgeon

who could restore Iniki's mobility and ponied up the $7K to

extend his tenure.

Unfortunately, he got ill with some tainted dog food about

six weeks ago. He was lucky to recover, but soon after

he developed a treatable virus. The steroids took care of

the virus, but I'm afraid the last six weeks were too much for him.

Early this morning, as he laid between my legs, he gave up

his life with a deep sigh.

I will miss my Iniki. I can't believe the pain and sorrow

associated with losing a pet. My only hope is that he is

a in a better place without the pain and suffering.

I apologize for making this so long, but I desperately

needed some place to express my feelings. No better place than ExtremeSkins.

Thanks for listening.

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Looks like a real comforting dog there, Sonny. I'm sorry for your loss. I've never had breakdowns as heavy as the ones when I lost my pets. They are truely your most loyal and best friends if that's what you wish for. Man, reading that brought memories back that I don't want to relive. The good times you will always remember, though, good luck on recovering from your loss.

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Guest sk1nzHEAD

Sorry to hear your loss Sonny. I've never lost a dog, family member, or anything, I guess I don't know your place but hope you recover well from the loss .

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Im sorry for your lost man. I've had to go through 2 lost of best friends/sisters/pets Its horrible. Its a hard feeling but hes in a better place chewing limitless bones and having a great time. You though, should think of the good times you had him and should enjoy that you let him live a great life past yr 3. You saved him from the crap they do in those mills and you should have a big smile on your face knowing he died a free dog, not a slave.

Also, he left with the person he loved the most right around him, he didnt go alone..

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