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  1. Looks crazy different over here...
  2. Also borderline rules violation...not supposed to describe oral sex (out of context or not)...you might want to delete that, Pwyl.
  3. I need to do some work on the washer/dryer in my condo. It has a slow leak into the basin, and fills very slowly when running. I think it may just be a bad o-ring, so the previous owner just turned the water way down, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Also, should I even bother looking at it myself? How expensive is a repairman for this sort of thing? Anyone have any recommendations for repairmen in the area?
  4. SO, the one with the naked ass should probably come down. :2cents: I don't get the Bills one. :dunce:
  5. That is about the least funny thing I have ever seen in this thread. In fact, its ****ing disgusting. :puke:
  6. Yeah - I had the "gator nuggets," and they were tender and juicy. A little gamy or swampy, but very tasty. Maybe you had a different part of the gator zoon?
  7. Unnecessary censorship sesame street style. :laugh:
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