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  1. Just got home. I equally loved and hated it. Really weird. I completely understand why Mark Hamill said he was insulted with the direction they wanted For Luke. Didn’t care for that at all. I loved that that it was more story driven than TFA. I loved a lot of the details. I hated a lot of the comedy. Felt like Monty Python’s Star Wars. While I like it a lot more than TFA, I just don’t have the urge to want to see it again this weekend.
  2. Sorry but that’s not even in the top 3 best lightsaber battles. ?? Let us know how that works out....?
  3. This is what sucks: Nothing is going to happen because the Republicans are in control of congress.
  4. Titanfall 2 is a fun game.
  5. I really liked a lot about AC III but never felt compelled to finish it. In fact, I've ONLY completed Black Flag. NONE of the other AC games kept me engaged as it was a lot of the same stuff over and over. III was great with all the legends (headless horseman, bigfoot, haunted lighthouse, oak island etc...), I loved all that. but it just didn't engage me like Black Flag. Origins has completely got me into it because of the combination of the map, the RPG elements and new fighting style. I'll say though, everything boils down to taste. Everyone has different taste and one mans treasu
  6. Amazing but HUGE game. I'm only level 24, the max I believe is 40 and I still have a lot of areas I haven't unlocked. Love the RPG style format as opposed to past AC games. I think this is the best AC game yet.
  7. It seems like you enjoyed aftermath for the added insight. If that’s the case and you don’t mind the cost, go for it. But they were not great reads IMO. The info is interesting though. Just depends on how much of s SW need you want to be. ?
  8. Totally agree, took me way longer to read that book than it should have. Also, was not very interested in the original characters the writer created.
  9. Just out of curiosity, what would ruin star wars for you, in terms of the movie, the Last Jedi, i.e. Luke becoming a Sith or Rey or what ever. Just curious.
  10. LOLOL I tried too and was thinking I had a shot until those guys showed up...
  11. You don't have to be 40 to attempt it.
  12. I really hope that there's a lot of misdirection going on because I'm not going to lie, I'm not really liking some of what I'm seeing. Factor that in with Hamill's comments recently, I'm not sure I'm liking the direction they are taking with Luke. However, I'll wait to judge when when the movie comes out.
  13. I actually teach world history so I'm going to use this clips to teach in class. Such an amazing game. Love it so much...
  14. Assassins Creed Origins is really good IMO. Loving it so far.
  15. If you are ever on and need any help with anything, just let me know. We are bored waiting for the Prestige Raid...:D
  16. Your welcome to join the clan I'm in for Destiny 2 if you want. We are already max level, you will get all the extra loot each week because we do all the stuff.
  17. Basically, you do the same thing with xbox as you would with PS4. Its called account sharing. I only have 1 xbox, but my best friend has 2 and he does this so he and his son can share games rather than buying 2 copies. What you do is: Buy ALL game in digital format on ONE Specific Xbox. That is your Main account. Then, you make your daughter's xbox "your primary" in the settings. You will have to look up how to do it via xbox help. But i know its not hard. Once you have made her xbox your primary, you then can go and download all the digital copies of games that you own.
  18. Got my tix for first showing but wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer. Kind of a let down.
  19. I don't have an answer, but the question is, here we are in America and we have a ridiculously disproportioned percentage of mass shootings... what the hell is wrong with us? Why us? What is it that is causing this? I get the idea that guns are inanimate objects and don't kill. People do. But why do we have this disproportionate number of incidents? People say gun laws only keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals. Again, I don't know the answer, all those counter arguments make sense.
  20. In the past, I'd say this was a big issue for me. Not any longer. Unfortunately, the idiots ruin everything for the responsible people. If it comes to having to give up mine, I'll do so.
  21. This is true. My best friend is a conservative and anti liberal, he bought more guns during the last 8 years because he was literally convinced his guns were going to be taken away.
  22. That's part of the problem, IMO, AR15, AK, etc... they are not hunting rifles. I grew up hunting. Never been hunting with anyone that used those guns. Ultimately, as part of the process, there needs to be a clear definition not necessarily of "Assault Rifle" but in terms of which guns are made for hunting and which are military use. Is there a clear answer? no, not at this time, but something needs to happen. This is getting old.
  23. I'm a gun owner and I am all for the right to own guns. However, I'm anti NRA and have no problem with very strict background checks and assault rifle bans.
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