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  1. He would be hot without the cardigan .... I'm not usually a fan of the fauxhawk, but he rocks it well.
  2. It's not all women .... Anyone who has worked in sales or retail knows that there's a markup on any product .... Unless the item is on clearance and super cheap, the company is still making money off of you. And chances are if the item is on clearance and super cheap, they're still making money $$$.
  3. I had that Friday night. Ugh. Go poop. It will make you feel much guder. And drinks lots of wa-wa.
  4. Ren - that's cool!!! I hate football Sunday's in Jacksonville. The tv shows that they were going to try to show the Chiefs vs Jags game, but due to low ticket sales they're not showing it now .... So I don't know if we'll even see a 1pm football game. Looks like we'll probably have to go out somewhere and watch the games.
  5. I have tons of pics ... I'm uploading them now. I think that I embarassed the boyfriend. I was literally jumping up and down on the sand in amazement. I've seen them 3 or 4 times now and it never gets old or boring. They're ******* fantastic.
  6. Airshows up north are LAME!!! Just spent the day at Jax Beach watching the airshow! The Blue Angels are AMAZING!!!
  7. All of the links are lagging. They're all bad ....
  8. close out and go back here: http://eplsite.com/channel7.html Here's the other link too: http://cdn1.ustream.tv/swf/4/viewer.185.swf?cid=1/1441927
  9. I want on the list. I'm in FL ... don't get the games down here.
  10. Ok ... so for those of us who just created homertv accounts ... we're out of luck. Has anyone found anything that works for us to stream the game?
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