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Random Thought Thread

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F, is for fighting, R is for red

Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed

E, we elect them, E, we eject them

In the land of the free and the home of the brave

D, for your dying, O, your overture

M, will cover your grave with manure

This spells out FREEDOM, it means nothing to me

As long as there's P.M.R.C

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I hate that remake so much. The original is such a classic. I got goosebumps when I saw them play it live.

I get chills listening to the real version. Marty's solo is brilliant.

The remake is just a more upbeat, popularized version. Christina Scabbia? Are you ****ting me? All of that just destroyed the feel and the atmosphere of the original.:mad:

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My one daughter starts weeks in advance. She gets the A.

My other daughter waits until the night before, panics, pulls an all-nighter. She gets the A too. :doh:

Might not be as much of a :doh: as you think. I've always been the latter type. I actually tried being the former and found that my papers got worse because without the rush of the moment, my thoughts weren't nearly as cohesive. I know, I know, more time for proofreading and all that. Didn't matter. My papers were decisively worse, and the grades reflected that.

People are wired differently.

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Just took a picture of myself and I realized I am in desperate need of losing a few pounds. :-\

Stupid Freshman 15.

Try the Senior 15 instead. I was fine my first three years of college, then ballooned up in my final year (plus a little time since then), and I've got people everywhere saying, "Damn, man, you've put on some weight." If it had happened my freshman year, I feel like nobody would care. Goddamnit.

(This has been your daily "Hubbs rants against stupid, ultimately meaningless things that vaguely annoy him in his life" moment. For other moments, simply stay tuned to ES.)

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