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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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What. The. Deuce???

I put the H571B on my Amazon wish list and my wife, trying to be thoughtful, thought she'd get me the same thing BUT CHEAPER. If I said I wanted the H571B, I meant I wanted the H571B.

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Instead, I found myself awestruck faced with a painting of what is appears to be Keanu Reeves. The painting, a portrait of French actor Paul Mounet by Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel, was done in 1875, 89 years before actor Keanu Reeves was born. But there’s no denying the startling resemblance between the two thespians. I took out my phone to grab a quick photo as a security guard approached me. She leaned in with sparking, excited eyes and whispered, “Doesn’t that look just like Keanu Reeves?”



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Yesss what are you thinking sheesh!!!!!


Oh boy we are gonna get crushed for this, just remember you started it.

I'm so tired of seeing that ****ing picture. What the **** is wrong with the both of you? Is there something funny about a person being seriously injured?

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"Notre Dame is taking their partnership with NBC too far... advertising the new season of 'The Biggest Loser' like this"

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Pic taken down. Not because people on here are crying about it, but because I rather show my support for the young man.

And don't act like people on here aren't quick to make jokes about other teams injured athletes.

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