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  1. A man recorded his drunk wife telling him a joke and then animated it for the internet.
  2. Any chevy owners? I have a 2012 silverado and the left side ( driver side ) both front and back is exactly an inch lower than the other side? anyone know what could be the cause? from my understanding truck has never been wrecked. I know it's only an inch, my girl doesn't notice but hey it's my truck and I notice everything on it.
  3. Try and watch this and not laugh or at least smile.
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  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vumzl-lQ0gg
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  7. The people that do these videos are hilarious. All the videos are good.
  8. Along with you I have taken down the pic; I had a feeling it would not be good but I went against my gut......and this board has my apologies. Sorry for the Tosh.0 type material.
  9. A good practice to develop is to copy your post right before you reply and if by chance it does give you the " temp out of service" just go back in and paste and try again. Just something thing that I started doing to avoid frustration.
  10. **** the dallass cowboys hope you enjoy watching the playoffs...... HTTR
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