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  1. Not sure why this thread was even created. The mods should actually do something like delete this and Chase Young thread.
  2. Well at least Ha-ha Clinton Dix and Preston Smith are balling out
  3. Co-worker tore his MCL on his motorcycle, started IF because he was physically limited of what he could do at the gym. Seemed to be pretty effective as far as losing weight. I lost roughly 6-7 lbs. this summer by not eating and was ripped. Kind of gave the illusion that I was getting bigger, but I was actually losing weight and the definition in my muscles were real noticeable. Kayak fishing in the sun almost everyday curbed my appetite, and was also great exercise while still hitting the gym 5 days a week. And the killer sun tan I got made my muscles more aesthetically pleasi
  4. Resolution crowd? Glad to see some of y'all mentioning cardio, I think it's imperative to include in your workout routine. For those who have issues with jogging/running, if you can get access to a stair master I suggest trying it. Minimal impact, but will have you sweating your ass off.
  5. He did some Ty Montgomery **** right there!
  6. Nice, I heard that Bay water near the Maryland/Virginia line has some good fishing. If you ever have the itch to fish in Hampton Roads, I can give you some good spots to yak and fish. Rudee Inlet, Lynnhaven Inlet, Willoughby Spit, HRBT, and CBBT are the main spots for all the sal****er kayak anglers. They are actually having kayak fishing contest this weekend here in Va. Beach. http://www.tkaa.org/Website/ Check out the forums, you'll find some helpful tips.
  7. This is happening a lot closer to home. A student at Bishop Sullivan in Va Beach, I highly reputable Catholic School, was expelled for posting a selfie with a gun quoting the picture "Today is going to be the day". Tuition is dam near $12K a year for that school so it's not like he had it tough growing up financially. I'm just glad he didn't hurt anyone. And this is the School I planned on my daughter attending when she reached high school. http://wtkr.com/2017/11/10/bishop-sullivan-expels-student-after-disturbing-photo-is-sent-to-peers/ A student at Great B
  8. Just renewed my CCP. Also spent some of my tax returns on a S&W bodyguard and a Sig Sauer P938. Ordered some white pearl grips and a skeleton trigger for the Sig, its going to look sweet. I'm glad you never had to draw your pistol, I hope I never have to pull mine either.
  9. I'm laughing at the so called experts who claimed Holms boxing wouldn't be enough take Ronda out. ....."make it a couple of minutes".........huh? After that head kick now you want jump on the Holly campaign. I will take their fight predictions with a grain of salt, because that's all its worth.
  10. Rexx1240, you made a lot of good points about Pac that are actual fact and not biased opinions, which is why your post hold a lot of weight. But the only thing that I can't agree with is that saying Zab Jhuda had a more impressive career than Pac. Really? We're talking about the same Zab that literally ran away in the ring from Baldomir because he was getting his ass whooped. The same Zab that also got beat by Clottey and Cotto, two fighters that Pac defeated. Don't get me wrong, I was a fan of Zab until the Baldomir, thing then the groin shot followed up by hook to the back of the
  11. I heard it helps out in the gym too.
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